Is Your Whirlpool Oven Not Working? – How To Check And Fix It

The most fundamental requirement for every oven is to turn it on, preheat it, and start baking or cooking without additional thought. The method should be significantly clearer if you have a high-quality Whirlpool oven. Unfortunately, some owners are baffled when they discover their device isn’t functioning properly. If that’s you, then I recommend reading on. So, why is the Whirlpool oven not working?

  • Before you can repair your Whirlpool ovenOpens in a new tab., there are a few things you need to examine. For example, the cord could have been pulled or unplugged. 
  • There may be a loose connection inside, or the power may be out. 
  • You can also check that all the circuit breakers are in their correct places and turned on and check with an electrician in your area to determine whether there was a problem with the circuit breaker at your homeOpens in a new tab.
  • In addition, if you’ve recently moved, this may have caused problems too. 
  • If the power is still on, you can try to change the fuse. 
  • If this doesn’t work, one of your electrical switches might be tripped by a load or appliance. It is also possible for things in your home to cause intermittent failure. For example, appliances may be on a different circuit than other items if you have an older house, which can cause issues. 

If none of the steps solve the problem, there is a less than ten percent chance that only one thing could keep the oven from working correctly. It will likely be more than one problem causing this issue, and a combination of different things will make it come back on.

Be sure to check the following before you start.

Make sure all power is shut off. 

If a fuse is in the fuse box, it may have tripped and need to be replaced. Be sure all electrical switches are turned off. Make sure any heavy objects are removed from around the oven. Make sure nothing could have been on or against the oven before you started it. The bottom of the oven will be hot from the elements, which may cause a problem if nothing else is wrong with it. 

Be sure there is no water in the oven. 

If you find water, this could cause problems with the vent and cause an electrical short and will need to be dealt with by your local appliance repair company, church, or utility company.

If none of these steps work to rectify the problem, you’re not looking at a simple problem. Instead, you’ll need to contact an expert to determine what’s wrong with your appliance. If it’s just a simple fix, it is always best to take it up with your local service technician rather than attempting to diagnose a problem independently.

How to fix Whirlpool Oven Not Working

Turn off the power to the appliance. 

First, unplug the unit from the main power supplyOpens in a new tab.. Next, remove any screws holding it and pull them out slightly to access the back of the unit. Next, unscrew and disconnect any wires leading to or from other components in your home that might be attached to your oven. If you need help determining where a wire connects, follow it from its source to see where it leads. Once you have done this, you can shut off your oven’s circuit breaker if you have one or unscrew the fuse for that particular circuit, whichever applies to your situation.

Disconnect the oven’s control panel. 

If you want to save yourself some work later and money in the process, you can unscrew it and pull it out as one piece now. If you’re not going to take it out all at once, remove the screws holding it in place and then pull on the panel to remove it. Disconnect any remaining wires attached to the control panelOpens in a new tab. (or wires leading into or out of it). If you see a wire that has melted or burned, be sure to cut this wire off at both ends right above where the plastic insulation is melted before moving forward.

Remove the remaining screws holding in your unit’s door. 

Shut the door gently while doing this to avoid creating any spaces your screwdriver could slip into. Next, remove the door with one hand and hold it at a slight angle toward you as you pull it out with your other hand. Avoid touching anything inside the oven with your bare hands until all your work is done! Once you have the door off, check to see if any burned areas inside might need replacing or if overheated components have caused damage.

Remove any screws on top of the unit holding in your control panel or access panel, and remove them from the top. Remember to unplug any wires that might have been attached to the panel. Once you have removed this, check for damage and replace anything needed.

Check for electrical malfunctions. 

Unplug the oven from your house’s power supplyOpens in a new tab. and then inspect the internal components of your oven to see if there are any signs of water damage or smoke, which are serious issues that require a service technician’s attention. If you find either of these, replace the entire top portion of your oven, including the door.

Inspect the temperature sensors. 

If they look damaged, they will need to be replaced. These will also need to be dealt with if any broken connections or wires are exposed. Once you have repaired these problems, if you still need to do so, reattach the control panel and plug your appliance in again. Next, you can check the inside of your oven by turning it on and using a simmering pot of water to see where it hits on the temperature spectrum you want it at.

Use a multimeter to test for continuity between components. 

The wires should show a minimal amount of resistance for them to be working correctly. While you are testing, ensure not to touch the probes together, or you will create an open circuit, and the reading will be inaccurate. If your oven does show a problem in your multimeter readings, you may need to replace the parts affected.

Reattach your control panel and test for power issues using that piece. You can test plugging it in and holding a dimly lit light bulb beneath it. If the light comes on, there is no issue with the wiring of the panel itself, but if not, there is a problem with the components inside or near it. Check all wires attached to ensure nothing has rubbed against another wire and caused a short circuit.

Reattach your electric door and test for any power issues by plugging it in and turning on the lightOpens in a new tab. bulb beneath it. If it does not come on or stay on, you may need to check the proper connections of your wires once more. If you find those all functioning properly, the issue is most likely a problem with your thermal fuse. Replace this component based on your oven type and reattach it to your door while ensuring everything is switched back on. Once everything is all buttoned up, turn your oven on and let it heatOpens in a new tab. up for about ten minutes before you attempt to cook in it.

Repair any cosmetic issues with the outside of your oven. 

If there are minor cracks or marks on the outside panels, you can repaint them by applying a bit of paint the same color as the original oven. Ensure you do not use too much, or else this could cause damage to your heating elementsOpens in a new tab..

Disconnect any wires leading into the bottom of the unit and unscrew the screws holding in its feet depending on how far removed it is from its top portion. Most ovens are held in place by four screws on each side that you can remove with a Phillips head screwdriver or a ratchet. Once these screws have been removed, the bottom portion should slide out. Check the condition of the rear panel and replace it if needed.

Check for any loose or damaged wires attached to your oven’s circuit box on the back side of the unit’s top portion. If you find any frays or wires showing signs of breaking, cut them off about two inches above where they came loose from their original position and attached a new wire to that location using electrical tape. If this does not fix the problem, your appliance may have a serious electrical issue. You will need to contact a professional for assistance if this is the case.

If you followed the instructions above and checked all of your parts but still need help repairing your oven, you may need to call on a professional for help. Most service providers will charge an hourly fee for their services, although some can provide appliance repairs for free after several attempts to repair them yourself.

Why Is Whirlpool Oven Not Working or Heating Up?

It’s funny how some things come to mind when you begin your work day. One of them is the fact that your Whirlpool oven won’t turn on or it won’t heat up. So let’s talk about what might be the cause and how to fix it:

First, before anything else, do a check around the oven to see if there is any power disturbance. If you are still looking for something within the appliance, step back and try again. Next, plug in another appliance in the same socket, and see if it is working. If everything goes as planned, you might have a tripped circuit breaker.

However, if there’s power coming through to the other appliance but not to your oven, there needs to be something fixed with the power supply inside the Whirlpool ovenOpens in a new tab.. If there is no power interruption, then it means that something is wrong with your range.

Check for loose connections.

The first thing you must do is check for loose connections and make sure that connections are secured properly.

The next step would be to check whether your oven has a thermal fuse, which will usually trip when all kinds of electrical problems occur inside your ovensOpens in a new tab., such as blown fuses or broken thermostat switches. If you can find the fuse, check if it is blackened and eroded. If it is burnt out, you would need to replace it.

If the fuse seems fine, it might be a wiring issue. First, try switching off the power supply and switching on the circuit breaker one at a time. Once the circuit breaker has been switched off, please wait 10 minutes before turning it on again. This will ensure that any residual current in the wire will be completely gone. You need to do this to check whether these are indeed faulty components.

If everything fails to work, you should check the thermostat as it might break. Although replacing it isn’t that hard, it’s better to call a licensed professional technician.

The heating element may be burnt out, thus causing your Whirlpool ovenOpens in a new tab. not to work. As much as this is common among most oven brands and models, this can easily make a mess at home when left unattended for too long. If a replacement heating element is available at your local appliance parts depot or store, you should get one immediately!

Another reason your Whirlpool oven wouldn’t work because its light bulb has burnt out. If the cause is this simple, you can easily replace it by going to your local appliance store.


When all else fails, and you still can’t fix the problem, then call a technician! So there you have it—the possible reasons why your Whirlpool oven won’t work or heat up and how to fix them. Consider these suggestions and see if they will help you solve your problem with the oven.


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