Can Candle Jars Be Reused? Guide to Repurposing with Purpose

In a world increasingly focused on sustainability and reducing waste, the question “Can candle jars be reused?” is more relevant than ever. The short answer is a resounding yes. Not only can candle jars be reused, but doing so can also unleash a wave of creativity and environmental stewardship. This comprehensive guide explores the myriad ways in which candle jars can be given a second life, offering practical advice, and creative ideas, and answering common questions about repurposing these versatile containers.

Can candle jars be reused? Yes, candle jars can be reused. They can be repurposed for storage of small items, as plant pots, or for making new candles. Before reusing them, they should be thoroughly cleaned to remove any residual wax and wick pieces.

The Basics of Repurposing Candle Jars

Before diving into the exciting possibilities of reuse, it’s essential to understand the process of preparing candle jarsOpens in a new tab. for their second act. This involves removing any remaining wax and thoroughly cleaning the jars to ensure they’re ready for whatever new purpose you have in mind.

How to Prepare Candle Jars for Reuse

  1. Wax Removal: The first step in repurposing candle jarsOpens in a new tab. is to remove any leftover wax. This can be achieved by freezing the jars to make the wax brittle and easier to remove, or by gently heating the jars in a pot of warm water to melt the wax and allow it to be poured out.
  2. Cleaning: Once the wax has been removed, washing the jars with hot, soapy water will remove any residual wax and scent. For stubborn scents, a mixture of baking soda and vinegar can be used to neutralize odors.
  3. Sterilization: For uses that require sterilization, such as food storageOpens in a new tab., boiling the jars or placing them in an oven at 225°F for 20 minutes will ensure they are safe and clean.

Creative Ways to Reuse Candle Jars

Candle jarsOpens in a new tab. come in all shapes and sizes, making them incredibly versatile for a range of creative projects. Here are just a few ideas:

  • Planters: Small succulents and herbs thrive in candle jars, adding a touch of greenery to any space.
  • Storage Solutions: Candle jars can be excellent for organizing small items such as office supplies, beauty products, or kitchen spices.
  • Decorative Lights: Filling candle jars with fairy lights or using them as holders for tea lights can create a cozy ambiance in any room.

Reusing Candle Jars

As an avid candle user, I’ve found countless ways to repurpose the jars once the candles have burned down. One of my favorite projects was turning a large candle jarOpens in a new tab. into a terrarium. It was a simple process that involved layering pebbles, activated charcoal, and soil, and then adding some small plants. Not only did it give the jar a new lease on life, but it also became a talking point among guests.

Innovative Reuse Ideas and Their Impact

Beyond individual projects, reusing candle jarsOpens in a new tab. plays a significant role in promoting a more sustainable lifestyle. By finding new purposes for these containers, we reduce waste and minimize our environmental footprint. Here are a few more innovative ideas:

  • Gift Packaging: Reused candle jarsOpens in a new tab. make charming containers for homemade gifts like bath salts, scrubs, or even baked goods, adding a personal touch to your presents.
  • DIY Candles: Reuse your candle jars to make new candles. They’re perfect for experimenting with different scents and colors.
  • Sewing Kit: A candle jar can be transformed into a portable sewing kit, with sections for needles, threads, and buttons, making it a handy addition to any homeOpens in a new tab..
Can Candle Jars Be Reused

FAQ: Repurposing Candle Jars

Can candle jars be reused for food storage?

Yes, candle jars can be reused for food storage, provided they are made of food-safe materials like glass, thoroughly cleaned, and sterilized. Always ensure there’s no residual scent or wax before using them for food.

How can I remove a particularly stubborn scent from a candle jar?

For tough scents, fill the jar with a mixture of baking soda and a little water to form a paste. Let it sit overnight, then wash thoroughly. Repeat if necessary.

Are there any safety concerns with reusing candle jars?

When reusing candle jarsOpens in a new tab., especially for food storage or as drinkware, ensure the glass is not cracked or chipped to avoid injury. Additionally, confirm that the glass is not treated with any decorative materials that could be harmful if ingested.


The question “Can candle jars be reused?” opens up a world of possibilities for creativity, sustainability, and practicality. From decorative items to functional storage solutions, the potential for repurposing these versatile containers is limited only by your imagination. By following the tips and ideas outlined in this guide, you can start incorporating candle jarOpens in a new tab. repurposing into your sustainable living practices, contributing to a healthier planet while enhancing your living space.

As we continue to explore and share innovative ways to reuse and repurpose everyday items, candle jarsOpens in a new tab. stand out as a small but significant opportunity to make a positive impact. Whether you’re an experienced DIY enthusiast or just starting your journey towards a more sustainable lifestyle, reusing candle jarsOpens in a new tab. is a simple, effective, and enjoyable way to contribute to a greener world.


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