Candle Jars With Lids – Top 10 Candle Jars

Candle jars are an essential part of any candle-burning experience. They help protect the wick and flame from drafts, ensuring a safe, even burn. Candle jars also keep the wax from dripping all over your table or countertop when you’re burning candles and protect them from breakage if they fall over. When looking for candle jars with lids, it’s important to note that you needOpens in a new tab. a clean glass jar with no cracks or chips; otherwise, you could end up with wax splattered all over your house!

The mason jar is our most recommended best candle jar with lid. It is one of the most used glass bottles for candles. They can withstand high pressure, are versatile, durable, fireproof, and more beautiful with candles.

Candle Jars With Lids

Mason jars

A mason jarOpens in a new tab. is a large glass jar with a screw-on lid. It’s traditionally used to preserve food and drink, but you can also use it for many other purposes, including storing dry goods such as flour, sugar, and salt. The jars are standard in craft projects such as candlemaking as well.


  • You should store candles in Mason jarsOpens in a new tab. because they can withstand high pressure during the canning process. 
  • These jars can withstand high temperatures and are built to last. 
  • There’s no need to worry about the glass shattering or cracking while you’re using it because of the fire.

Canning jar

Canning jarsOpens in a new tab. are great for candle making. They’re easy to clean, have a good size, and are readily available at most stores. If you’re new to candle making, this is the jar for you.

Although you can make canning jar candlesOpens in a new tab. in any jar, we recommend using a wide-mouth quart or half-gallon mason jar with a lid. This shape has openings that allow you to fit your hand inside easily when pouring wax and trimming wicks. You’ll also need a wick trimmerOpens in a new tab.—a sharp knife will do—to keep the wicks straight after they’ve been dipped in wax.


  • Sustainable living requires canning jars. 
  • Canning jars are clear glassOpens in a new tab. to hold a tea light, string light, or a homemade candle. 
  • In addition, canning jars can hold mixing spoons and paintbrushes. 
  • Layering dry ingredients in a canning jar is a popular DIY gift that can be pretty to look at, like a sand sculpture. 
  • Nails, buttons, and loose change are often stored in canning jars.

Milk bottle jar

The milk bottle jarOpens in a new tab. is a glass container used to store milk that has a narrow neck and a wide body. Milk glass bottles are not very popular because of the everyday use of plastic bottles. Milk bottles were commonly made from clear glass until about 1900, when amber-colored ones became popular because of their ability to reduce harmful ultraviolet rays and thus prolong the life of milk. They are still widely used to package many other foodstuffs, such as sour cream or cottage cheddar cheese.


  • Milk bottles are often used as a design element in other areas. For example, they are popular as Christmas decorations or as props for children’s parties. 
  • Filling them with soil and flowers creates unusual vases or flower pots. 
  • Glass milk bottles are returned for reuse after they’re empty. Glass wins every time if you average the additional energy requirements of a reusable glass milk bottle. 
  • Consumers recycle glass bottles more than plastic. 
  • Glass recycling produces less CO2 and uses less energy than plastic. Glass milk bottles store better.

Holy water bottle jar

For many years, a holy water jarOpens in a new tab. has been used by Christians to bless people, places, and things. However, this makes it different from other types of candle jarsOpens in a new tab.. They come with unique designs that will add to the beauty of displaying them as candle jarsOpens in a new tab..


  • Holy water bottle jars are both practical and artistic. 
  • They have a beautiful look with candles inside. 
  • Delicate candleholders can enhance homeOpens in a new tab. life. 
  • Scented holy water candle jarsOpens in a new tab. fill a room with natural scents.
Candle Jars With Lids

Apothecary jar

An apothecary jarOpens in a new tab. is an unusual item to use in your home, but it looks great and draws attention. You can use it for storing herbs, spices, candies, snacks, and even medicine. In addition, you can use it to store makeup or makeup brushes. This is the right choice if you want a candle jarOpens in a new tab. that will stand out when people look at your shelves!


  • These amber glass candles are the perfect size to take with you.
  • Unique handmade apothecary jar candlesOpens in a new tab..
  • Amber glass candle jarsOpens in a new tab. emit a warm scent and promote relaxation. 
  • They are longer-lasting. 
  • You can only use the original candles once. 
  • When burned, they melt or vanish.

Glass hardware jar

Glass hardware jarsOpens in a new tab. are one of those things that look good in almost any room. They can hold buttons, craft supplies, and other small items. You may also use them as flower pots for flowers or candles.


  • The rubber gaskets on the hinged lids and the high-quality glass protect the content. 
  • Quality construction ensures longevity.
  • Its wide opening and clear body make storing and retrieving items convenient.

Baby food jars

Baby food jarsOpens in a new tab. have a lot of uses, but one of the best is for storing candles. Beautiful and fragrant, candles can be messy and leave soot on your walls. Baby food jars are perfect because they aren’t as prone to making messes, they’re easy to clean out, and they keep dust off your walls when you store them. This is also a good solution if you want different kinds of candles in other rooms: 


  • Baby food jars come in all sizes, so it’s easy to find one that will fit nicely on your shelf or countertop!
  • Baby food jars also storeOpens in a new tab. small items like buttons, beads, and other craft supplies. 
  • They’re perfect because they keepOpens in a new tab. dust off your buttons and beads and are easy to clean! 
  • The lids fit on tightly, so you don’t have to worry about them coming off while carrying them around or in transit.

Terrarium jars

Terrarium jarsOpens in a new tab. are a fun way to grow plants, especially if you’re a beginner. You can make one from any glass jar or bottle—even an old prescription vial! They work indoors or outdoors with a variety of plants. Plus, terrariums made from recycled materials are eco-friendly.

Adding candles is one of the easiest ways to personalize terrariums, one of their many great features. Finally, you have a lovely place to keepOpens in a new tab. your candles.


  • Impressive as a decorative element, these candles are a must-have. 
  • They have the power to instantly elevate the look and feel of any room in your home to that of sophistication and elegance.
  • The jar of your old decorative fragrance candle can be reusedOpens in a new tab. as a container for other household items.

Clay flower pot jar

Clay flower potsOpens in a new tab. are perfect for growing plants indoors or out. They’re lightweight and easy to move around, so they’re great for candles. You can also use clay flower pots inside or outside when making custom candles.

The pot can be painted or glazed for a decorative touch, making them more than just a planter—they become beautiful home decor items!


  • This piece is reminiscent of traditional Japanese design, featuring a removable wave and blue flower pattern inlaid in bamboo wood.
  • Candles look lovely in the succulent container, which you can use anywhere.
  • Elegant and uncomplicated. 
  • It is Finished with a glaze that is both aesthetically pleasing and refined. 
  • The jars make lovely presents for friends and relatives.
Top 10 Candle Jars

Teapot jar

TeapotsOpens in a new tab. are a practical and fun way to make candles. Teapots not only provide a unique shape but also have the right size for household candles. In addition, the teapot is available in many colors, so you can find one that fits into your decorating scheme. Some people prefer vintage teapots, while others enjoy the bright colors of new ones. Either way, you’ll find something to your liking.


  • Glass teapots are elegant.
  • Its transparency is stylish.
  • Because glass is inert, glass teapots are chemical-free.
  • Borosilicate glass teapots are long-lasting and durable.
  • Its simple lines complement any decor, and its premium materials will always look new.

Now that you know the best candle jarsOpens in a new tab., you can select one and start filling your home with smokey goodness. However, you can also use these containers for other things, such as storing spices, keeping track of small items that always seem to end up at the back of a drawer, or storing dry foods like lentils or beans.

What jar is best for candles?

Amber candle jarsOpens in a new tab. have such a tint that blocks the sun’s ultraviolet rays, making them safe to use for storing candles. The container’s design makes it simple to sterilize. The amber jars’ sturdy glass construction ensures they won’t break under the heat of the hot wax and the candle’s flame.

Do candle jars need lids?

Yes, candle jars need lids. In addition to their aesthetic value, candle lids serve the practical purpose of protecting your candles from dust and other debris. Furthermore, they extend the life of scented candlesOpens in a new tab. by trying to prevent the scent from evaporating as the wax naturally does when exposed to air.

Can all mason jars be used for candles?

Yes, you can use most mason jars for candlesOpens in a new tab.. Mason jars are a creative classic, but you can use any heat-resistant container (teacups, jelly jars, egg cups, etc.) instead. Try out different hues and aromas until you find what works.

Can you use any type of glass for candles?

Yes. You can also make candles from drinking glasses, not only the above. The process is straightforward and requires minimal equipment. A glass, wick, wax, and a heat source are all you need to make a candle. Any drinking glass will do, but one that can withstand high temperatures.

What happens if you use wine glasses for candles?

Hot wax can spill out of the candleOpens in a new tab. and onto the surface it sits on if the glass breaks. Do wine glasses work for candlemaking? You should not make candles from all types of glass, especially wine glasses. Glasses meant for wine are too flimsy to use for candle making.


The best candle jarOpens in a new tab. is the one you like and will use. Consider some of our suggestions if you want to spice up your mason jar collection with something different. Hopefully, you now have a place to begin your search for the perfect candle jarOpens in a new tab..


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