Is Cleaning With Air Scrubbers The Best Way To Keep Your Home Healthy?

With modern cities facing increasing pollution and climate change pressures, the need for indoor air quality solutions is more significant than ever before. In response to this growing demand, the market for indoor air solutions has been expanding rapidly over the past few years. In addition, with recent concerns about the impact of microorganisms on human health, there has also been a renewed focus on cleaning with air scrubbers to tackle dust particles in homes and offices.

In this article, we’ll explore why cleaning with air scrubbers is becoming so important, along with some pros and cons of using an air scrubber in your home or office.

What Is Air Scrubber?

An air scrubber (also known as an air purifierOpens in a new tab.) is a device that removes particles from the air. Traditionally, it achieved this with HEPA filters, which can remove 99.97% of particles 0.3 microns or larger. More recently, air scrubbers have also been designed with electrostatic filters that can reduce the number of particles in the air by up to 99.99%. Air scrubbers are designed to be permanently installed in your homeOpens in a new tab. or office. 

They clean the air by drawing in captured dust (particles like pollen, mold spores, and pet dander) and releasing filtered air back into the roomOpens in a new tab.. Air scrubbersOpens in a new tab. often come with additional features such as ultraviolet (UV) lights, which can kill some microorganisms in the air (such as viruses, bacteria, and mold spores).

Why Is Cleaning With Air Scrubbers Becoming So Popular?

Air scrubbers have been around for decades and were traditionally used in laboratories and industrial settings, where clean air was essential for safety reasons. However, air scrubbers are also increasingly used in homes and offices to protect against indoor pollutants. The main drivers behind this trend are: 

  • Increased attention to indoor pollutants. With urbanization and climate change leading to more polluted air, there is growing concern about the level of pollutants in indoor spaces. 
  • Growing attention to the health effects of indoor microbes. While outdoor air pollution has long been recognized as a public health issue, indoor microbes have historically been considered a secondary concern. 
  • New air scrubber technology. Improvements in air scrubber design have led to simpler, quieter, and more energy-efficient devices than ever before.

How Does An Air Scrubber Work?

A primary air scrubber consists of a fan and a series of filters designed to clean the air by pulling in dust particles and microbes and then releasing clean air back into the room. Air scrubbers can be designed with filters that can target different types of particles, such as large dust particles, smaller dust particles, and germs. Air scrubbers can also be designed with additional features that can improve their functionality, such as UV lights and electrostatic filters. 

Suppose you want to install an air scrubber in your home or office. In that case, choosing a device with the right combination of filters is essential to target the pollutants in your particular environment. Air scrubber filters are designed to capture different types of pollutants, including larger particles like dust and smaller particles like pet dander and pollen. Some air scrubbers also have filters to target microbes, such as bacteria, viruses, and mold spores.

Benefits Of Using An Air Scrubber

  • Improved indoor air quality: Air scrubbers are designed to remove a range of pollutants from the air, including larger particles like dust, smaller particles like pollen, and even bacteria and viruses. Installing an air scrubber in your home or office can improve indoor air quality. 
  • Added protection from allergies: Air scrubbers reduces the number of allergens in the air, which can help to reduce the symptoms of allergies.
  • Added protection from mold spores: In addition to reducing allergens in the air, some air scrubbers help to reduce the number of spores from mold and other microorganisms. This is important because excessive mold spores can be dangerous for human health.

Drawbacks Of Air Scrubbing

  • Air scrubbing devices are costly, especially if you want a device that can target various pollutants. Air scrubbers designed to tackle a wide range of pollutants can be costly. 
  • Some air scrubbers can be noisy, so they are only ideal for use in some situations, especially if you want to sleep in the same room as the device.

Best Air Scrubbers

Below is a list of top-selling best air scrubbers.

Abestorm 750CFM Air Scrubber 4 Stage with UV-C Light, HEPAActivated Carbon FilterAbestorm 750CFM Air Scrubber 4 Stage with UV-C Light, HEPA/Activated Carbon Filter
Opens in a new tab.
CADPXS 550CFM Air Scrubbers with 4 Stage Filtration SystemCADPXS 550CFM Air Scrubbers with 4 Stage Filtration System
ALORAIR PureAiro HEPA Max 970 industrial Air ScrubberALORAIR PureAiro HEPA Max 970 industrial Air Scrubber 3-Stage Filtration System
ALORAIR PureAiro HEPA Max 870 Air Scrubber 3-Stage FiltrationALORAIR PureAiro HEPA Max 870 Air Scrubber 3-Stage Filtration
BlueDri BD-AS-550-BL Negative Machine Airbourne CleanerBlueDri BD-AS-550-BL Negative Machine Airbourne Cleaner
Abestorm Air Scrubber Commercial with UV-C LightAbestorm Air Scrubber Commercial with UV-C Light


Air scrubbers have been used in industrial settings for decades but are now increasingly used in homes and offices to clean the air. Air scrubbers are a highly effective way to remove air pollutants and target the most common indoor pollutants, such as dust, pollen, and even some microbes. However, air scrubbers are not without their downsides.

They can be expensive, and some devices can be fairly noisy. But, if you want to improve indoor air quality and protect your health, investing in an air scrubber might be worth the cost.


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