Larson vs. Andersen Storm Doors

Larson doors are the way to go if you want a beautiful, customizable storm door with a timeless design. To begin, a door that fits Larson’s specifications for width and height must be acquired. 

Larson vs. Andersen Storm Doors: Larson Storm Doors are excellent if you care about aesthetics and want high-quality materials. Andersen storm doors, on the other hand, come in various styles with a lifetime warranty. Therefore, when deciding between Larson and Andersen storm doors, the difference is negligible; ultimately, it comes down to personal preference.

However, Larson is the most fantastic option if the other factors don’t matter to you. However, Andersen is the most acceptable option if you’re looking for a door with a truly original design. On their site, you can alter and create your design. Then, make a custom door based on your design and send it to you.

Larson Storm Doors: Advantages and Disadvantages 

The Larson name is tough to compete with; however, as with any product, it has advantages and disadvantages, particularly compared to other brands.

Constructed with high-quality materials and professionally installed

Larson includes several different components, and the quality of doors made of wood, metal, and vinyl cladding is excellent. Any door you choose will be well-made and sturdy enough to last for years. In addition, the EasyHang allows it to hang the door in under an hour without modifying the frame. However, this could be an issue if the door is not a typical size.

Technology for weather resistance

Technology for protection from the elements. Furthermore, the door is equipped with cutting-edge weatherproofing technology. This innovation, referred to as Duratech, protects the door from damageOpens in a new tab. caused by harsh weather and slows the door’s deterioration.

Modularity and variety in entrances

The selection of doors is what makes Larson the best choice, along with the high quality of construction. Their selection of doors seems to come straight from another planet. Both full and half-screen doors are available. A foldable screen door is also an option.

Doors with a secure pet window are available, too. In addition, they include doors that can be closed to keep out cold air in the winter and opened to let in fresh air during the summer. Doors come in a wide variety of styles, colors, and materials.

Modern, high-tech doors

Larson provides a wide variety of optional high-end enhancements to choose the best fit for your needs. For example, such a door with a three-point locking mechanism can significantly increase the safety of a building. In addition, a five-hinged door, designed to endure tremendous stress, is available for more intensive use.

To a greater extent than with any other model in the line, Larson is distinguished by features such as these. However, doors with numerous extras may be more expensive.

Andersen Doors: Advantages and Disadvantages 

Only one door manufacturer can compete with Larson, and that is Andersen. They provide the greatest door you’ve ever had without skimping on quality.

Constructed with high-quality materials and professionally installed

The construction quality of Andersen doors is exceptional. They’re on par with the Larson ones when it comes to quality. However, unlike Larson, Anderson has no technology that can withstand the elements. This lifetime guarantee is their way of making up for the fact that the weather technology is faulty. With this, you can easily compete with companies like Larson, whose products don’t require warranties.

Andersen doors are straightforward to set up. Their installation system is pre-assembled so anyone can set it up without professional help. Furthermore, the degree of difficulty of installation varies from product to product. So now you know how challenging it will be to install the door.

Doors that you can modify

While Larson promotes the range of doors they offer, Andersen highlights the possibility of personalization. Of course, Andersen offers a wide selection of doors, but their specialty is making unique modifications to each order.

If you need a door but don’t have a conventional size, you can use the customization options to get one made to fit your specific opening. Size isn’t the only variable you can control; the door’s style and size are open to personalization.

Novel design elements

When it comes to the most cutting-edge door technology, Andersen isn’t slack either. They are open to experimenting with different kinds of entrances. Insect screens on the doors are just one example of convenient amenities. This allows fresh air to enter the home while keepingOpens in a new tab. unwanted insects out. You can peruse their list until your heart’s content in search of additional options and novel entrances.

Larson vs. Andersen Which is better?

Given the level of competition, it would be unfair to pick a clear winner. However, there is a time and a place for each. 

  1. Both are high-quality and well-made.
  2. Regarding storm doors, Larson and Andersen are the most recognized manufacturers in the industry. 
  3. The question of whether you should read Larson or Andersen is often discussed, and with good reason. You can’t choose between them because they both offer such good quality.
  4. Both are well made, but one may be preferable in some respects. 
  5. Andersen is the best option if you need a door that isn’t a regular size. 
  6. You can construct a door that fits your homeOpens in a new tab. perfectly because you get to pick the material and design it yourself.
  7. If you still don’t feel safe after having a storm door installed, try installing the best door security bar.

Guidelines before buying storm doors

Before buying the best home storm doors, below are a few points to consider.

  1. Be knowledgeable about the several types of storm doors that can provide ventilation.
  2. Learn how storm doors can add an extra layer of protection.
  3. Be aware that a wide selection of styles and designs are available for storm doors.
  4. Be mindful that the installation of storm doors can increase energy efficiency.
  5. Get in touch with the right people regarding storm doors.

First of all, Larson Storm Doors give you a wide selection of different looks to choose from. On the other hand, the Andersen brand allows for individualized creation and features a cutting-edge design in its storm doors.


Does Anderson make good storm doors?

Yes. They certainly rank among the best door manufacturers today. You can count on the same high quality and craftsmanship in every Andersen storm door or screen door. In addition, Andersen storm doors and screen doors give you a wide range of design options so that you may improve the look of your home’s doorway.

What is the best brand of storm door?

Regarding storm doors, Larson and Andersen are the most well-known manufacturers in the industry. Therefore, whether you should read Larson or Andersen is often discussed, and with good reason. You can’t choose between them because they both offer such good quality.

How long does a storm door last?

Depending on the construction and quality of the door, a brand-new storm door could endure anywhere from 25 to 50 years. A brief overview of the most prevalent varieties of exterior doors and their expected lifespans:

  • Vinyl: Their average lifespan is 20 years, and you won’t have to paint them or do anything more to them during that time. As for prices, they range from around $50 to $200 on average, with the glass content being the primary factor.
  • Fiberglass: Is insulating and won’t crack, rust, or distort. If you invest in a fiberglass door, you can rest assured that it will last forever. The price of a front door can vary from roughly $200 for a simple, no-frills unit to nearly $5,000 for a gorgeous, secure door that will surely amaze guests.
  • Steel: A steel door treated to resist fire is practically indestructible. These doors are affordable, often costing between $75 and $500, and they endure a lifetime of 100 years or more.
  • Wood: Pine is on the lower end of the price, quality, durability, and lifespan spectrum, whereas hardwoods are at the upper end. You should expect a pine door to endure roughly 20 years, a cedar door to last around 40 years, and a hardwood door like mahogany to last 60 years or more. 
  • Frameless, gliding glass doors: These doors have an average lifespan of 30 years due to the durability of the hardware.


Larson and Andersen are the two most trusted names regarding windows and doors. Neither option would be a bad choice. Consequently, the choice will be influenced by details such as a feature, variety, or customizability. But in the end, you will have a sturdy door that will serve you well.


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