Can You Reuse Glass Candle Jars For Food?

Yankee candle jars are some of the more essential household items. They’re great for storing spices, candles, and other knickknacks, but did you know you can also use them safely to store food?

Can you reuse glass candle jars for food?

Yes, they are! These jars are entirely safe to use in your kitchen. They’re made of borosilicate glass, durable and safe for food and heat-related applications. 

In addition, you can reuse them if you have leftover wax from a previous candleOpens in a new tab. (or want to make more room in your cupboard). Just be sure not to put the jar where it will come into contact with any open flame or heat source that could melt the wax inside it—that would be bad!

Are candle jars recyclable?

No, unfortunately not, but don’t fret! Borosilicate glass isn’t recyclable because it’s highly resistant to impact and won’t break down easily under pressure from other materials. The high melting point and limited natural decomposition pathways of this type of glass make recycling these containers a moot topic.

However, other types of glass are more easily recycled. For example, if you have leftover candle jarsOpens in a new tab. (or any kind of glass jar) after using them, you can always recycle them at your local recycling center!

Can You Reuse Glass Candle Jars For Food?

Can you reuse candle jars for food?

You can reuse your candle jarsOpens in a new tab. for food. How? It’s easy. You have to clean out the wax first, and then you’re good to go!

There are several ways to cleanOpens in a new tab. out the wax:

  • Fill a small pot with hot water, place it on the stovetop over medium-high heat, and add some dish soap or window cleaner to create suds in your jar. Swirl around gently until all of the wax melts away.
  • Pour boiling water into the container until three-quarters full (this will help loosen up any stubborn residue). Then add some vinegar or apple cider vinegar and swirl again until clean. If there’s still some residue left after that step, try using baking soda instead of vinegar next time (you’ll need about 1/4 cup per container). 
  • Use a scrubber or baking soda and warm water if the wax is stubborn. 

Candle wax in jarsOpens in a new tab. can be removed using boiling water and dish soap as an alternative.

What Should I Do With My Old Candle Jars?

Here are some ideas for what you can do with your old candle jars:Opens in a new tab.

You can use them to store your children’s toys and games or even art supplies. While you may not want to keep paintbrushes in jars where they could dry out, smaller items such as crayons and markers will fit nicely inside these containers and be protected from dust and dirt while remaining quickly accessible when necessary.

Are candle jars recyclable?

Jar lids are not recyclable because they are made with a plastic coating that often prevents the lid from being separated from the rest of the jar. If you want to recycle your jars, remove the lids first before placing them into your recycling bin.

The good news is that Yankee CandleOpens in a new tab. jars are made from glass that’s 100% recyclable and dishwasher-safe! The company also has recycling bins at its stores for customers to deposit their used containers, so you can keep these little beauties out of landfills while reducing waste at home. 

In addition to helping reduce landfill waste, reusing old Yankee CandleOpens in a new tab. jars as storage containers is an excellent way to reuse something that might otherwise end up in a landfill somewhere (or worse).

Yankee Candle jarsOpens in a new tab. are perfect for storing cosmetics. The company provides candles in several sizes and scents, so you have many possibilities. Label each jar before filling it with cotton swabs, Q-tips, or craft supplies like buttons and beads.

How do I get wax out of my Yankee Candle jar?

There are a few ways to get wax out of your Yankee Candle jarOpens in a new tab.

  1. You can use a hot iron, heat the wax with a hair dryer, scrape it out using a vegetable peeler or knifeOpens in a new tab., or use a putty knife.
  2. If you’re using a hot iron to get the wax out of your candle, be sure it’s unplugged and on a heat-resistant surface. Hold the iron over the wick until it melts and drips down into the container. Then, turn the candlestick upside down and tap gently to release any remaining wax.
  3. You can alternatively melt the wax with a hair dryer; heat one side of the candle until meltedOpens in a new tab.. Then, please turn off the hair dryer and let it cool down before turning it over to remove any remaining wax.
  4. Try a vegetable peeler or knife if you don’t have a hair dryer. Heat the candle with a burner or iron. Then, carefully remove the wax from the wick.

Many ways to reuse those glass containers.

  • Use them as storage containers for leftovers.
  • Store snacks in them and bring them to work.
  • Store candy in them and get it to work (if you don’t mind people knowing you have a sweet tooth).
  • Create a cute display of cookies or cupcakes on your kitchen table (or anywhere else).
  • Make jam with your homegrown fruit, then use the jar to serve it at parties!
  • Make pickles with your homegrown cucumbers, then use the jar for serving and gift-giving!
  • Use the jars for storing leftovers or as a place to keepOpens in a new tab. your pens and pencils. 
  • Make your sauces or jams, then use the jar as a serving vessel. 
  • Pickle some vegetables from your garden—use the jar for serving at parties! 
  • Bake some cookies, then store them in an airtight container if you need to take them on the go later.
  • The jars can keep candy, nuts, or other snacks. 
  • Use them for holding pens and pencils on your desk at work. 
  • Use them to save small amounts of spices that you want to keep fresh. They’re also great for storing jewelry (especially if you need someplace safe to keep it).
  • Use the jars as organizers for small supplies. For example, you can use them to store buttons or other small items that tend to get lost in your drawers. 
  • Use them for organizing screws and bolts around your home. Fill them with nails and hardware, then label each, so they’re easy to find later when you need them. 
  • You can also use the jars to store all kinds of knickknacks, like paperclips or rubber bands.

Reusing candle jars has several benefits.

Reusing old containers can save money and reduce your carbon footprint. First, find a safe way to use candles. Then, to ensure that any recycled jars are food-safe, try these tips:

  • Check the jar for cracks, chips, or dents. If there are any, throw them away. 
  • Before reusing jars, wash them with warm water and dish soap.
  • Candles burning for more than 4 hours may melt the plastic, so store the jars somewhere cold and dry.
  • Boil your jars in water for 10 minutes before you fill them with food. 
  • If you use the jars to store food, ensure they are entirely sterilized first. You can do this by filling them up with boiling water and letting them sit overnight.
  • If you’re using your candle jars for food storageOpens in a new tab., make sure there are no marks on the inside. This includes labels, wax residue, or anything that could contaminate your food later.

Dishwasher safe yes

You can wash your Yankee Candle jarOpens in a new tab. in the dishwasher, but you should not use abrasive cleaners. Also, do not put glass items in a dishwasher.

Do not put any of your Yankee Candle jars into an oven or microwave to heatOpens in a new tab. them because they will break! Likewise, you should not put your jar in the freezer or refrigerator because they are not made for that. If you want to preserve your Yankee Candle jarOpens in a new tab., keep it in a cabinet.

If you want to preserve your Yankee Candle jarOpens in a new tab., keep it in a cabinet. You should not put any of your Yankee Candle jars into an oven or microwave to heat them because they will break! Likewise, do not put glass items in a dishwasher.

They are food-safe.

Follow these procedures to recycle Yankee Candle jars into food storageOpens in a new tab. containers.

  • First, store food in a cool, dry jar. Wash it thoroughly. 
  • Second, ensure your candle container has no wax residue because bacteria can thrive there.
  • Keep jars out of the sun and heat. This will keep leftovers, dried flowers, etc. fresher.
  • These cute glass containers can hold your munchies. Soap dispensers, terrariums, and storing buttons or beads are further used. 
  • Store dry goods like rice or beans.
  • As a vase to hold small plants.
  • Store your favorite spices

The glass is recyclable but the lids aren’t.

The glass of Yankee Candle jarsOpens in a new tab. is recyclable, but the lid is not.

While they look like they’re made of plastic, the lids are a composite material that includes metal and paper. Because of this, you can’t recycle them along with your other plastics and metals. To recycle one of these candles, simply place it in your recycling bin.

Yes, you can use your old Yankee Candle jars for food storage.

You can use old Yankee Candle jars for food storageOpens in a new tab., which is relatively easy.

First, use a clean, dry jar. Next, wash and rinse your old candle jars with soap and water before storing them. This will eliminate any residue and keep your food fresh.

Next up: fill them up with whatever you’d like. This could be anything from candy or nuts to coffee beans or even spices! It’s entirely up to you—remember that glass containers like these cannot withstand heat, so don’t put anything hot inside of them when storing them on a shelf above your stovetop.

Sizes and shapes vary.

The glass jars are dishwasher-safe and recyclable. In addition, they have a tight lid for storing leftovers.

There’s always a jar size and shape to meet your needs. You can use multiple jars to hold culinary or baking ingredients. It helps you organize your pantry and fridge.

High-quality glass and a tight lid keep leftovers fresh.

Yankee Candle jars are made from high-quality glass that is safe for foodOpens in a new tab. storage. The jar has a tight lid to keep your food fresh and contained. If you wish to store food in it, wash the jar first because it may prevent residue from past items.

How to utilize candle jars for food storage: Cool the jar before washing it.

To avoid scratching the jar, you should use warm water and soap to clean the inside of it. Please don’t use abrasive products on the jar, as they will leave scratches on the glass. After you’ve washed out your old candle jar, you can use it for anything that requires food storageOpens in a new tab.!

Use soap and warm water to clean the jar.

Use warm water and soap to clean Yankee Candle jarsOpens in a new tab.. Abrasive cleaners will scratch the glass jar. Instead, air-dry the jar or wipe the jar with a paper towel until all moisture disappears.

  • Abrasive cleaners will scratch the glass jar: If there’s a candle in your jar, let it burn down before cleaning—clean candle jars with warm water and soap. There’s warm water and soap. Clean the jar’s bottom using a sponge or towel. Clean everything with clear water and mild detergent (no bleach). Air-dry or wipe until dry.
  • Air-dry or paper-towel the jar: Using a hair dryer or setting it before a fan hastens the drying process. To keep the contents of your jar from going bad, avoid placing it in the microwave or exposing it to high humidity or heat. The glaze on the jar may fracture and peel if exposed to heat and moisture like this. Once your candle jar is completely dry, place an absorbent material like cotton balls or paper towels on top of the wick and set it aside for storage until you’re ready to use it again. 
  • Refrigerate or store leftovers in a sealed jar: Close the jar tightly and put it in your kitchen cabinet until you want to reheat it. Store in a cool, dry place. Keep the lid on tightly and don’t put your jar in the microwave or reheat food in a Yankee Candle jar – both will damage its seal and make it unsafe for food storage.
  • Old Yankee Candle jars are ideal for keeping leftovers or carrying food: Old Yankee Candle jars are perfect for storing leftover food or anything else that you like to take with you when traveling. They are great because they are versatile and can be used for many different things, such as storing snacks, sandwiches, and other food items. They also make nice containers for collecting coins and small objects around your house!


Yankee Candle jarsOpens in a new tab. are trendy and have been around for a long time. They are made of glass and metal. The glass is on the outside with a black metal lid on top. You can use these to store food or anything else you want in them!


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