How Long Do Led Drivers Last?

How long will the power supply for my LEDs last? Your LED power supply should last for many years. Given that all LED drivers of the same type use the same high-quality components and operate under the same conditions, their operating lifespans will likely be similar. The lifespan of your transformer, however, might be impacted by outside variables.

How many hours a day do you run your LED strip driver?

It can be inaccurate to think about a transformer’s lifespan in years. For example, a 12V LEDOpens in a new tab. power source that lasted five years (running eight hours per day) may be compared against the one that lasted three years but ran continuously. If you installed the five-year transformer for a longer time, the three-year transformer worked much longer. The life of an LED driver is, therefore, best measured in hours.

Another key factor is how long your transformer runs each day. By allowing the LED power supplyOpens in a new tab. time to cool down, you may ensure that it continues to work for longer. As a result, if your transformer works for only five hours each day instead of 24 hours, it will likely continue to operate for much longer than a unit constantly on. It’s comparable to always having the television or computer on. An LED strip driver must be controlled so that it does not operate nonstop for the duration of its life.

Is your transformer working to the fullest extent possible?

Using an LED strip controller at 100% capacity instead of running at roughly 90% could reduce its longevity. Many manufacturers advise running the transformer at most 80% of its capacity. Others advise setting it higher so the transformer can operate effectively at almost its maximum wattage.

Conversely, it may shorten a transformer’s life if it operates at barely 10% of its maximum capacity. This is because, given the size of the transformer, it needs to operate more effectively. Because of this, LED transformers do not require a minimum load to function; therefore, this factor may not significantly reduce the lifespan. However, it’s important to keep in mind when determining the ideal operating circumstances that may shorten or lengthen the active life of your transformer.

Where is the transformer located?

The lifespan of your LED driver may be impacted by where it is installed. For instance, a high temperature can affect the lifespan of components. If your transformer is in a hot, sunny location or a tightly sealed or heated room like an ovenOpens in a new tab., it may drastically shorten its lifespan. Alternatively, if the transformer or wires are situated outside close to the ocean, strong winds and sea salt could cause damage.

What is the difference between a 12-volt and a 24-volt power supply?

There is no change other than the output. 

  • A 12-volt LED power supplyOpens in a new tab. only produces 12 volts, and a 24-volt power supply only produces 24 volts.
  • These units have the same power, input voltage, and outward appearance (240v). 

You should choose your transformer’s output based on the LED tape you use. For example, all most transformers have 12v or 24v outputs because that is what LED strip lights need to be poweredOpens in a new tab. by.

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