What To Do With Empty Yankee Candle Jars – Recycling And Repurposing Ideas

Have you ever pondered what to do with an empty Yankee Candle jar while staring at it? You’re not alone, so don’t worry. We’ve all been there: appreciating the lingering aroma and feeling bad about discarding such a lovely container.

But don’t worry, my candle-loving friends; today, we will look at inventive and humorous uses for those empty jars. Mark Twain, a well-known author and comic, famously observed that wrinkles should only be used to show where smiles have been.” Likewise, in the case of Yankee Candle jarsOpens in a new tab., the wax residue should serve as a reminder of the previous location of the lovely smells.

You can give empty Yankee Candle jarsOpens in a new tab. new life through recycling in municipal curbside programs, repurposing them as decorative items or storage containers, using them as a DIY candle-making vessel, upcycling them into a planter or vase, or donating to a local charity or organization.

So, let’s get ready to have fun and put those empty jars to good use! Yankee Candles jarsOpens in a new tab. are renowned for their calming fragrances and aesthetic appeal. However, the question of what to do with the empty jar may arise after the candleOpens in a new tab. has burnt to the bottom. 

There are several methods to recycle or reuse Yankee Candle jarsOpens in a new tab. instead of tossing them away; these include:

1. Recycling through Municipal Curbside Programs

You may recycle empty Yankee Candle jarsOpens in a new tab. as part of your community’s curbside recycling program. The majority of communities accept glass containers for recycling, including candle jars. Put the container in your recycle bin after thoroughly rinsing away any leftover wax.

2. Repurposing as a Decorative Item or Storage Container

Repurposing Yankee Candle jars as accessories or storageOpens in a new tab. is another method to reuse them. Clear out the jar first, removing any labels or sticky residue. After that, keep little objects in the jar, such as cotton balls, pencils, or beauty brushes. You may also use the jar to contain tea lights or other tiny candles as a vase.

3. Using as a DIY Candle-Making Vessel

If you prefer to produce your candles, Yankee Candle jars may be used as a product container. However, it’s a good idea to have a backup plan if something goes wrong. Once the jar has been well cleaned, pour your wax mixture.

4. Upcycling into a Planter or Vase

Yankee Candle jars can also be upcycled into a planter or vase. Drill a few drainage holes in the bottom of the jar, add some potting soil, and plant your favorite succulent or herb. Alternatively, fill the jar with water and use it as a vase for fresh flowers.

5. Donating to a Local Charity or Organization

Finally, consider donating your empty Yankee Candle jarsOpens in a new tab. to a local charity or organization. Many schools or community centers accept donations of craft supplies, and Yankee Candle jars can be used for various DIY projects.

Pros and Cons of Different Methods

Recycling Yankee Candle jarsOpens in a new tab. is a resource- and waste-efficient solution that lowers waste. Jars may be given a new life by being creatively repurposed, though. It’s important to remember that certain recycling centers cannot take certain types of glass, such as frosted or tinted glass.

Recycling and repurposing Yankee Candle jars both have their own set of pros and cons.

Pros of Recycling:

  • Aids in resource conservation and waste reduction.
  • It is an ecologically beneficial choice.
  • Most localities allow the recycling of glass containers.

Cons of Recycling:

  • Some glass types, such as frosted or tinted glass, may only be accepted by some recycling facilities.
  • Recycling may be a labor- and resource-intensive procedure.

Pros of Repurposing:

  • Revives the jar and eliminates the need for fresh materials.
  • It allows for creativity and can be a fun DIY project.
  • Many uses, including storage and decorating.

Cons of Repurposing:

  • Only sometimes appropriate for all projects.
  • If a repurposed jar has chips or cracks, it might not be suitable for storing foodOpens in a new tab..
  • It is more time-consuming and labor-intensive than merely recycling the jar.

In general, recycling and finding new uses for Yankee Candle jars are excellent waysOpens in a new tab. to cut waste and save resources. However, the decision ultimately comes down to personal preference and the project or use the jar is meant for.

Environmental Impact of Repurposing or Recycling Yankee Candle Jars

Yankee Candle jars may be reused or recycled to minimize waste and harm to the environment drastically. Recycling glass helps to protect the environment and lowers greenhouse gas emissions. Jar recycling also lessens the demand for new materials, positively influencing the environment.

Food Uses for Yankee Candle Jars

You may prepare meals or store food in empty Yankee Candle jarsOpens in a new tab.. Thoroughly clean the jar before storing dry materials like grains or pasta. However, remember that not all reused jars are suitable for storing food. For example, storing food in a jar with chips or cracks might be unsafe if the lid does not fit tightly.

Equipment and Materials Needed for Repurposing Yankee Candle Jars

Rubbish remover, soap and water, and rubbing alcohol are essential for recycling Yankee Candle jarsOpens in a new tab.. For more difficult tasks, specialized tools may be required, such as a drill for drilling drainage holes in a planter.

Yankee Candle jars may be reused, but you might need more supplies and equipment to make something brand-new and practical out of them. Some of the tools and supplies you could require are listed below:

  1. Soap and Water: Clean the jar well with soap and water to remove wax or residue before beginning any project.
  2. Paint or Spray Paint: If you want to paint the jar, you’ll need to paint or spray paint in the desired color.
  3. Brushes or Sponges: Depending on the painting style you want to utilize, brushes or sponges may be required to apply the paint.
  4. Sandpaper: Sandpaper is required to distress or age the jar in the desired way.
  5. Glue or Epoxy: To secure anything you want to put in the jar, such knobs or feet, in place, you’ll need glue or epoxy.
  6. Drill: You will need a drill and the proper drill bit if you wish to drill holes in the jar for ventilation or to make a hanging planter.
  7. Wire or Twine: You’ll need wire or thread to tie to the jar to make a hanging planter or lantern.
  8. Scissors: the wire or rope must be trimmed to the required length.
  9. Labels or Tags: You might label the jar with a tag or label if you want to use it for storage.

Here are just a few tools and supplies you could require to recycle Yankee Candle jars. The precise equipment and materials you’ll need depend on the job you’re planning. Have fun and be inventive while reusing items!

How do you clean and reuse Yankee Candle jars? 

Burn the candle until the waxOpens in a new tab. fully melts before cleaning and reusing the Yankee Candle container. After that, use a spoon or knife to carefully scoop out the remaining liquid wax and remove the wick and any leftover wax. The jar should next be thoroughly cleaned with hot, soapy water and dried. The jar may then be used again for several things, including holding small objects, making a vase or candle holder out of it, or even growing plants in it.


  • You can save money on buying new containers
  • It helps reduce waste and conserves resources
  • It can be a fun DIY project

What is the Yankee Candle jar-for-jar policy? 

Customers can participate in the Yankee CandleOpens in a new tab. jar-for-jar policy, which gives them a discount on a new candle in exchange for bringing empty Yankee Candle jars to participating retailers. This strategy encourages customers to recycle and reuse the jars, reducing waste.

Can you recycle Yankee Candle jars UK? 

Yes, In the UK, Yankee Candle jars can be recycled. Yankee Candle jars and other glassOpens in a new tab. containers are accepted for recycling by most local governments. Whilst certain facilities might not take specific types of glass, it’s crucial to check with your local council to determine if they accept tinted or frosted glass.


  • Aids in resource conservation and waste reduction.
  • Beneficial ecologically.

Can you bring empty candles back to Yankee Candle? 

As part of their jar for jar program, consumers can bring empty candles back to Yankee Candle locations. In addition, clients may trade in their empty jar for a discount on a new candle purchase through this offer.


  • It encourages jar reuse and recycling
  • It gives clients a discount when they buy fresh candles
  • It minimizes waste and protects resources

How do you dispose of candle jars UK? 

In the UK, candle jars can be discarded in the glass recycling bin. Before recycling, it’s crucial to ensure the jar is empty and spotless. If the jar has a metal or plastic lid, it should be removed and thrown away in the proper container.

What bin Do candle jars go in? 

Candle jars ought to go in the glass recycling container. Before recycling, it’s crucial to ensure the jar is empty and spotless. If the jar has a metal or plastic lid, it should be removed and thrown away in the proper container.

How do I dispose of glass jars UK?

In the UK, most local authorities’ recycling programs accept glass jarsOpens in a new tab.. To ensure those centers accept all varieties of glass, including frosted or tinted glass, it is crucial to verify with your local council.

When should you throw away Yankee Candles?

When a Yankee Candle has reached the end of its useful life or is no longer safe to use, it should be thrown away. No scent is left when the wax melts or the wick has burnt to the bottom.

What to do with candles that are almost empty?

The residual wax from almost-empty candles may be meltedOpens in a new tab. down and used to make new candles. Also, the empty jar may be cleaned and reused for storage, ornamentation, or a new project.

Can you refill candle jars?

Yes, Candle jars can be filled again. Candle jars may be reused and wasted less by being filled with new wax. There will be wax left over in the jar once the original candleOpens in a new tab. has completely burnt out. Use pre-made candleOpens in a new tab. wax or produce your own wax by melting wax flakes to refill the container.

  • Before adding more liquid, clean the jar as described in the earlier sections of this article. 
  • Then, prepare the fresh candle wax per the directions after the jarOpens in a new tab. is clean and dry.
  • With approximately half an inch of room remaining at the top, pour the fresh wax into the jar.
  •  Finally, lay a fresh wick into the wax’s center and press it down firmly with a pencil or wick holder.
  • The newly refilled candle is ready to use once the wax has cooled and set. Just cut the wick to about 1/4 inch. 

One advantage of refilling candle jars is that you may choose the color and fragrance of the new candle to suit your preferences. Also, it’s an economical and environmentally responsible method to keep using your preferred candle jars.


Consider recycling or reusing your empty Yankee Candle jars rather than tossing them away. Different inventive methods exist to repurpose glass jars, from making Homemade candles to upcycling them into planters or vases. You’ll lessen waste and contribute to environmental protection by doing this.


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