Yankee Candle Safety Tips for Parents and Kids

What are Yankee Candles?

Yankee candles are highly flammable soy wax candles with a wick made from cotton or synthetic fiber. While they’ve been around for some time, they’ve just recently come to dominate the U.S. market. The company is committed to providing safe products at affordable prices, so parents should know what they’re getting into when they purchase their children these scented candles at home.

When Should You Discontinue Use?

There’s no denying that these candles are mild, clean-burning, and an affordable way to relax at home. But there are definite signs that your child is using them too much:

  • They don’t seem to care about safety. If you were to walk into their room, you would find that the room has a fishy smell (from the soy wax)
  • Their face becomes very flushed and hot – add water.
  • They become very sleepy and tired.
  • They’re constantly lighting one and leaving it unattended.
  • You notice that their clothes smell like lamp oil residue.
  • They’ve been sensitized to the aroma, so they can’t smell anything else anymore.

You’ve most likely seen some or all of these symptoms before, but if you’re beginning to see them now, then you need to take action fast. It could mean that your child has developed an addiction to Yankee Candle products and needs professional help. This may not be evident now, but if this continues, it will certainly lead to a bad start in life for your child if the situation is left untreated.

What Should You Do?

You must teach your child about fire safety and safety when using candles. You may have noticed that their room smells different, so this is a good time to show them how the fire alarm works (if it even has one) and explain why the smell is not just coming from their room. They may be shocked initially, but it will sink in soon enough if they feel comfortable having these conversations with you.

They must also understand why they should never leave candles unattended and only burn one candle at a time in a safe environment. These tips can help your child avoid becoming addicted to these products and stay safe.

If you’re unsure how to discuss these topics, consider hiring a professional. They will be able to teach your kid how to be properly safe in their room and give them advice that you may not have been able to provide.

So What Are the Alternatives?

Yankee Candle is a good brand devoted to making people happy, but its products are unsafe for children. Let’s face it, most kids love fire and burning things. Because we don’t want them to get wounded, what other options do we have available?

There are some other brands that you can try in place of their products. They contain no soy, which was a controversial decision for many people when they tried it. However, there have been no mishaps associated with using these candles, and customers on Amazon have given them positive reviews.

Garlic Wax Candles:

Garlic Wax should be a safe alternative to the Yankee Candle brand, but not all kids like garlic, so it’s best to try at least two or three different scents and see which one your kid likes most.

Others to Try:

Get creative and make your scents. Of course, you will enjoy all the benefits of making your own, especially if you are a parent, but it will likely be much more at home than out of it.

What about other alternatives?

Ok, so the first thing we have already mentioned above is that there may be other alternative products to Yankee Candle. However, the majority of them can still be dangerous for children. The main reason is that they have things such as soy wax and other chemicals that can be potentially hazardous to your children’s health. 

As you may know, candles are very popular among people of all ages. Many people walk around with candles of different sizes and shapes, but most are regular ones. If you want something different from those, we suggest checking out these cool new candles

Are Yankee candles safe for babies?

Keep your baby’s nursery and sleeping space free of scented goods. The lungs of children are still growing. Thus, it is not beneficial to expose them to aerosol irritants. In addition, a new baby should be treated with extra care by parents with allergies or asthma histories in their own families.

Just like with everything else, moderation is usually the best approach. Avoid prolonged or close contact with scented candles and air fresheners if you appreciate their use. If anyone in your home suffers from a respiratory ailment like asthma, it is in everyone’s best interest to avoid coming into contact with these drugs entirely.


They have much more to them than just a flame and some wax. These candles have changed the light game entirely, so look into them. This is just a little snippet about the dangers of Yankee Candles for parents and kids. Fill out the box below if you have any other suggestions or feedback. If you could please contact us, it would be greatly appreciated.


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