Do Tiki Torches Keep Gnats Away?

Mosquitoes are a significant irritant to those who spend time outdoors. Tiki torches and candles with citronella oil can help keep mosquitoes away, but they aren’t a guarantee that you won’t get bit. Furthermore, some studies have shown that citronella may not even work very well at all when it comes to repelling mosquitoes! So if you want to ensure no pesky bugs interrupt your outdoor party or family gathering, here are some other options.

Tiki torches, or citronella candles, as they are often called, do not keep gnats away. However, they have a pleasant smell and are famous for outdoor dining. In addition, the citronella oil in the torch can effectively repel certain types of gnats and mosquitoes.

How does Citronella work?

Lemongrass leaves are the source of citronella oil, a natural insect repellent used for centuries. It is also included in bug-repelling products such as candles, sprays, and lotions.

It’s an aromatic compound that works to keep mosquitoes away while also having a pleasant aroma. After being exposed to citronella oil, you will feel the effects for around four hours.

The oil does not work against ticks or fleas because these insects aren’t attracted to it like mosquitoes.

Do tiki torches keep mosquitoes away?

Tiki torches are not effective at keeping mosquitoes away.

While a tiki torch may emit a strong scent and light, it does not have the power to keep biting flies and gnats away. So if you’re expecting a lot of mosquitoes or other biting flies at your outdoor event, you’ll probably want to avoid tiki torches and consider using citronella candles instead.

While citronella candles don’t offer any heat or light, they can be used as an insect repellent in areas where mosquitoes tend to congregate.

Citronella is one of the main ingredients in many bug sprays, so these wax-based scented candles should do well at repelling insects that might otherwise cause problems for your guests at outdoor social gatherings, such as an outdoor movie night or barbecue party!

How do tiki torches keep mosquitoes away?

Citronella oil is the fuel used in tiki torches. It’s a natural insect repellent, but it isn’t strong enough to keep mosquitoes away by itself. Citronella candles provide little relief from these pests because they only release small amounts of citronella oil as they burn and don’t last very long. 

You’ll need multiple tiki torches placed around your yard or patio to create a barrier that will protect you from mosquitoes while enjoying your outdoor space at night.

There are some other things you can do to keep mosquitoes away. For example, you can plant marigolds or lavender around your yard because these plants emit an unpleasant odor that insects don’t like. You can also try hanging up wind chimes or placing bowls filled with water near your patio so that the moving air and splashing sound will deter mosquitoes from landing on you or your guests.

How to keep gnats away from lights

Tiki torches, or citronella candles, as they are often called, do not keep gnats away. However, they have a pleasant smell and are popular for outdoor dining. There are several ways to keep gnats away.

  • Keep your yard clean by picking up any pieces of trash that may be lying around.
  • Remove the garbage cans from your porch and clean them out regularly.
  • Make sure you caulk all crevices around doors and windows where flies can enter your home.
  • Install mesh screens along the bottom of doors when there is a space between them and the floor.
  • Use water-based fly traps; hot pepper wax or bay leaves also work well for this type of trap.
  • Use insecticidal foggers inside if necessary; follow instructions carefully when using an aerosol pesticide product indoors, so you don’t hurt yourself!

How to prevent gnats

Gnats can cause significant damage to your home’s vegetation and your family’s health. In addition to laying eggs on your plant foliage, they can also cause damage to it. The best way to prevent gnats is to eliminate or significantly reduce their access points into your home: your houseplants.

If you already have gnats invading your houseplants and want an effective way to get rid of them quickly, try one of these methods:

  • Sprinkle some cinnamon on top of the soil around each plant; this will repel gnats when they land on it and give them an unpleasant taste if they manage to get inside.
  • Put dryer sheets into small containers around each plant; gnats hate the smell!
  • Place garlic around each plant; this will repel the gnats when they try to land on it.
  • Place some rotting potatoes around each plant; gnats hate the smell! 
  • Next, in a small bowl, mix apple cider vinegar and water; then spray this solution onto the leaves of your plants.

What bugs does Citronella repel?

The citronella plant has been used to deter insects for centuries and is also a key component of many commercial bug sprays. In addition, you can buy just the scent as an insect repellent, effectively keeping bugs away.

Citronella oil is what gives most citronella candles their distinctive smell. To give your candle more punch, combine this oil with other ingredients, such as coconut oil or beeswax. In addition, tiki torches made with citronella-based oils tend to burn longer than those made with petroleum-based oils, making them ideal for outdoor use where you might want them to burn late into the night.

If you’re using your tiki torch outdoors, you should also consider how windy it is. Strong winds can blow out candles made with citronella oil and other natural ingredients, so it may be worth investing in a more expensive model explicitly designed for outdoor use.

Do Tiki Torches Keep Gnats Away

Do tiki torches repel biting flies?

Do tiki torches repel biting flies? The answer is yes. Tiki torches are not only a beautiful decoration for your backyard but also have the added benefit of being able to help keep biting flies away. In addition, the citronella oil in the torch can be very effective at repelling certain types of gnats and mosquitoes.

The amount of Citronella used in the torch will determine how well it works as an insect deterrent. Therefore, before purchasing one, you should be able to find information on how much citronella is contained within each torch. 

What bugs do tiki torches keep away,

Tiki torches can keep mosquitoes away, but not gnats. They also repel flies, other flying insects, and bugs that may bother you during outdoor activities. Keep in mind that if there are a lot of tiki torches in your area, this might attract more bugs to your yard or garden than if there were fewer.

What bugs will citronella repel?

You can use citronella-infused candles to repel a variety of insects, including:

  • Crickets: The citronella scent will deter these bugs from entering your home and biting you.
  • Spiders: Spiders love the smell of citronella, so if you want fewer spiders in your home, burn some candles!
  • Ants: If you’ve noticed ants in your house, try lighting a candle in that room—it’ll keep them away for hours!
  • Gnats and mosquitoes: These pesky insects hate the smell of citronella just as much as we do, so light up one or three and end those annoying bites!
  • Cockroaches: These creepy-crawly bugs are probably the most annoying pests you can have in your home, but citronella candles can keep them away! 
  • Mosquitoes and flies: If you need extra protection from these insects outside, try lighting up a citronella candle and letting the smoke do all the work!
  • Fire ants: These tiny creatures are known for their painful bites, but citronella candles can keep them away from your home. 

It’ll keep them away for hours! Lizards, geckos, and other creepy-crawly creatures. These bugs are known for their sticky webs, but if you light up a citronella candle around your house, they’ll stay away!

If you want your tiki torches to keep gnats away, you need something that will imitate all of these factors: light, odor, and warmth. The best way to do this is by investing in LED tiki torchesOpens in a new tab. with batteries or even solar-powered options if you have access to enough sunlight on your property or patio area where you plan on using them most often. 

This gives off just enough light without being overwhelming—and it won’t cause unnecessary heat like an open flame!

Using a mosquito trap to keep mosquitoes away

Killer for Mosquitos, Gnats, Moths, Fruit Flies

Killer for Mosquitos, Gnats, Moths, Fruit FliesOpens in a new tab.

Using a mosquito trap to keep mosquitoes away from your outdoor space is by using a mosquito trap that uses heat, light, and carbon dioxide as bait to attract and trap them.

If you’re not looking to light citronella candles or torches, a mosquito trap is another option that can be effective at keeping mosquitoes away from your outdoor space. Mosquito traps use heat, light, and carbon dioxide as bait to attract and trap them.

Mosquito traps are more effective at catching mosquitoes than citronella candles and torches. They have been found to catch about twice as many insects over time compared to the other methods mentioned above. The trap attracts mosquitoes using heat, light, and carbon dioxide, so it doesn’t matter if it’s night or day when you use one of these devices in your yard; they work all day long! 

While a single unit may only cover a small area, multiple units can effortlessly cover larger areas such as patio areas or yards where there’s standing water present, where mosquitoes like to hang out waiting for their next meal of blood – yours!

Mosquitoes like dark, humid areas where they can hide out and breed.

To eliminate mosquitoes, eliminate their breeding grounds. Even a teaspoon can breed mosquitoes.

For yard mosquito prevention.

Empty plant saucers and birdbaths to prevent mosquito breeding. Mosquitoes lay eggs in small amounts of standing water.

While some people swear by tiki torches for keeping mosquitoes away, it’s not a very effective method of mosquito control if you have a large area you want to protect in the long run.

Most experts agree that traps are the best way to keep your yard free of flying insects. Instead, use citronella candles or torches. They can be a good alternative if you’re looking for an easy way to repel mosquitoes without spending too much money on traps or expensive repellents.

However, if you live in an area with high insect activity (such as near water), these methods may not be enough, and something more powerful may be necessary—like foggers or sprays!


Tiki torches that use citronella oil as their fuel source put off a scent known to repel mosquitoes when burning. However, the scent from the burning tiki torch oil is mild and doesn’t travel far enough to keep mosquitoes away from the people sitting near it. 

Another way to keep mosquitoes away from your outdoor space is by using a mosquito trap that uses heat, light, and carbon dioxide as bait to attract and trap them. Mosquitoes like dark, humid areas where they can hide out and breed, so if you have any standing water on your property (or even just puddles), make sure it gets drained regularly so that no one gets bitten!


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