What to Do with Empty Yankee Candle Jars

Empty Yankee Candle jars are too beautiful and functional to toss in the recycling bin without a second thought. The sturdy glass containers, often adorned with charming labels and filled with delightful fragrances, can serve numerous new purposes once their original content has melted away. If you’re wondering what to do with empty Yankee Candle jars, this guide will inspire you with creative and sustainable ways to repurpose them, turning what might seem like waste into wonderful treasures.

Why Repurpose Empty Yankee Candle Jars?

Repurposing empty Yankee Candle jars not only benefits the environment by reducing waste but also allows you to unleash your creativity, creating something new and useful. From homeOpens in a new tab. decor to practical storage solutions, the potential uses for these jars are nearly limitless.

How to Prepare Your Empty Yankee Candle Jars

Before repurposing, it’s crucial to clean your jars. Here’s a quick guide:

  1. Freeze to Remove Wax: Place your empty Yankee Candle jarOpens in a new tab. in the freezer for a few hours. Once the wax is frozen, it’s much easier to remove.
  2. Clean Thoroughly: Use warm, soapy water to clean out any residual wax and scent. For stubborn residue, a mixture of baking soda and vinegar can work wonders.
  3. Remove Labels: Soak the jar in warm, soapy water to peel off the labels. Goo Gone can help remove any sticky residue.

Creative Ideas for Repurposing Empty Yankee Candle Jars

1. Chic Storage Solutions

Empty Yankee Candle jarsOpens in a new tab. are perfect for organizing small items around the house. Use them in the bathroom for cotton balls or swabs, in the office for paper clips and rubber bands, or in the kitchen for spices and herbs. The clear glass makes it easy to see what’s inside, while the lid keeps the contents dust-free.

2. DIY Home Decor

Transform your empty jars into stylish decor items. Fill them with fairy lights for a magical glow, use them as vases for fresh flowers, or paint them to create unique candle holders. The possibilities are endless, limited only by your imagination.

3. Eco-Friendly Gift Packaging

Give your gifts a personal touch by using empty Yankee Candle jars as eco-friendly packaging. They’re perfect for homemade candles, bath salts, or baking mixes. Decorate the jar with ribbons and a personalized label for a thoughtful and sustainable gift.

4. Planters for Small Plants

Empty Yankee Candle jars can make beautiful planters for small plants or succulents. Just add some pebbles at the bottom for drainage, fill with potting soil, and plant your greenery. They’re great for adding a bit of nature to your indoor spaces.

As a dedicated Yankee Candle fan, I’ve found joy and satisfaction in giving new life to every empty jar. One of my favorite projects was turning a jar into a small terrarium. It was a simple process that ended up as a beautiful display piece, reminding me of the importance of reusing and recycling.

What to Do with Empty Yankee Candle Jars

FAQ: Repurposing Empty Yankee Candle Jars

Can empty Yankee Candle jars beOpens in a new tab. used for food storage?

Yes, once thoroughly cleaned, they can be used to store spices, herbs, or even homemade jams. Just make sure the seal on the lid is still effective.

Are empty Yankee Candle jars dishwasher safe?Opens in a new tab.

While the glass jarsOpens in a new tab. themselves should be dishwasher-safe, hand washing is recommended to preserve the integrity of the jar, especially if you’ve decorated it.


What to do with empty Yankee Candle jars is not just a question of practicality but also an invitation to creativity and sustainable living. By repurposing these jars, you not only contribute to reducing waste but also add a personal touch to your home or gifts. Whether you’re using them for storage, decor, or as planters, the possibilities are as endless as they are fulfilling. So next time you reach the bottom of your beloved Yankee Candle, view it not as the end but as the beginning of a new DIY project. Embrace the opportunity to transform empty Yankee Candle jarsOpens in a new tab. into something unique and useful, reflecting your style and commitment to the environment. Happy crafting!


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