Best Slipcovers For Leather Couches (A Detailed Guide)

Leather lounge chairs, couches, and chairs are generally highly smooth, making it hard to utilize just any slipcover. This article will discuss how to pick the best slipcovers for leather couches that don’t slip.

The best slipcovers for leather couches is the Rhf anti-slip couch cover, a non-slip couch cushion for leather sofas. It has a flexible silicone design with two additional wide strings on the rear. It also protects the leather sofa from stains and damage from kids and pets and is machine washable.

Slipcovers are significant, particularly when you have children and pets at home. They help shield the seat from harm and wreck made by children or pets and cover old and unattractive imprints.

To make buying leather slipcovers simpler for you, we will survey five distinct slipcovers appropriate for leather couches. We have painstakingly picked the best slipcover for leather sofas for you from what we have tried previously and reviews from people who tried them.

Here are the best three from client audits and use:

  1. RHF Anti-Slip couch cover
  2. Gorilla Grip slip-safe couch defender
  3. Accommodating Stretch Sofa slipcover

Best Slipcovers For Leather Couches

1. Rhf Anti-Slip Couch Cover

This slipcover is a non-slip couch cushion planned explicitlyOpens in a new tab. for leather sofas, loveseats, and couches.

The flexible silicone design on the cover’s rear and the round edge of slip locks guarantee it remains set up. 

Also, two additional wide strings on the rear of the cover bind to the sofa’s legs to prevent slipping and moving. It assists with shielding the couch from stains and wrecks made by kids and from your pets’ nails and paws.

Above all, it is machine washable, utilizing cold water and a sensitive cycle, then drying on low heat on a fragile cycle.


  • It is impervious to hair and soil
  • An ideal fit for your leather couches
  • It is machine washable and dryer safe
  • Made of great fabric, very much suitable for your leather couches
  • Exceptionally delicate polyester


  • Will general move a little while broadening the chair

2. Gorilla Grip Slip-Safe Couch Defender

As the name recommends, the Gorilla Grip couch defender intends to clutch the couch without slipping or moving. It is due to the support on the rear of the cover with two thick metal versatile lashes that guarantee to remain set up. 

The ties can be acclimated to guarantee the cover fits totally on the love seat or couch. In addition, the surface is water-safe, so it shields the sofa from any fluids. Likewise, it is hair safe, ideal for protecting the sofa from pet hair or hide.

Above all, it’s made from super-delicate leather, which makes it extremely simple to clean. You can decide to wipe it down with material or machine wash on cold and air dryOpens in a new tab.. Using a dryer isn’t suggested.


  • They come in various sizes and shades.
  • It is adequately thick to shield the seat from spillage and spills
  • Stays set up very well on cowhide
  • Water and hair safe for your leather couches
  • Extraordinary for a homeOpens in a new tab. with felines and canines


  • Not suggested for use on furniture treated with added substances, cleaners, or conditioners since they might respond to the PVC support and harm it.

3. Easy-Going Stretch Sofa Slipcover

The Easy Going couch cover is made using 20% spandex and 80% polyester, which are somewhat stretchy. The stretchiness permits them to fit entirely on the lounge chair or couch without slipping.

In any case, it is encouraged that you measure your seat before buying to get the right size.

These covers are straightforward to put on the sofa since they come with a guidance manual that is easy to follow. They can likewise be washed in a machine at 30 degrees Celsius with a gentle cleanser.


  • They are accessible in various sizes for loveseats, couches, chairs, and sofas.
  • Accessible in various tones to fit your leather couches
  • Covers are delicate, smooth, and agreeable
  • They are stretchy to give an ideal fit
  • Machine washable
  • Extremely simple to put on the sofa


  • You need to embed froth strips into the sections of the couch to make the cover stay immovably set up
  • Not waterproof, so they don’t secure against fluids

4. Ostepdecor Couch Cover

The OstepDecor Couch Cover is excellent for feather sofas because of the non-slip backing that keeps it on a smooth surface. The non-slip backing has silicon elastic with a doggy paw plan, so the cover remains set up better than most couch covers.

The cover has a weighty, thickly sewn velvet, delicate, and agreeable texture. It tends to fit an assortment of furniture, like couches, loveseats, chairs, and sofas. Be that as it may, you need to pick the size based on the components of your seat.

Furthermore, they are waterproof and secure your seats against spills and holes.


  • Made of a weighty and thick knitted texture; consequently, they give a decent couch cushioning.
  • They try not to slip on couches.
  • Machine washable.
  • They come in assorted shades and sizes.

5. Link Shades Anti-Slip Heavy Duty Couch Defender

Link Shades makes the absolute best non-slip cover for a leather chair. The covers explicitly fit an additional or enormous couch, loveseat, and customary couch. So you should pick the one you need based on the couch type.

There is no question that the cover will remain set up on the leather sofaOpens in a new tab., artificial leather sofa, or material. The inventive hold backing with different lashes is intended to keep the slipcover safe.

In particular, these covers are water-repellant. In addition, they assist with ensuring your seats against spillage and wrecks. Moreover, the miniature softened leather texture is produced using opposed residue and hair, so the cover is excellent for a home with pets.

Washing the covers is exceptionally simple since they are machine washable and dry. 


  • Water, residue, and hair repellent
  • Stays set up amazingly well
  • It is machine washable and dryer friendly
  • Works incredibly on tricky calfskin chairs and couches
  • Top caliber and strong cover
  • Delicate and entirely pleasant


  • The counter slip sponsorship will adhere to the leather if treated with secured coatings, oils, waxes, and surface color. Ensure leather is initiated before purchasing this cover.
Best Slipcovers For Leather Couches

Step By Step Instructions To Pick The Best Slipcovers For Leather Lounge Couches

When purchasing a slipcover, you need to consider a few elements, like the material, the reason for the slipcover, the size of the sofa, and the plan. How about we examine these in more detail?

1. Reason for the Slipcover

As you know, individuals cover their lounge chairs and couches for various reasons. For example, individuals with children regularly need to shield their seats from wrecks. Essentially, people with animals use slipcovers to protect the sofas from soil and pet hair, which is frequently challenging to dispose of.

Likewise, specific individuals use slipcovers to renovate their seats by covering old stamps and spots.

Accordingly, decide the reason for the slipcover, so think about other significant measures before settling on a choice. For example, assuming you need to shield the sofa from canine hair, you ought to consider getting a slipcover that is hair safe.

2. The Material of the Slipcover

From the five slipcovers we have investigated above, plainly, they are made using various materials. Knitted velvet, miniature softened cowhide, cotton, spandex, polyester, and cloth are some of the textures used for seat covers.

Others are made from a mix of two additional textures to be more flexible. As we’ve effectively referenced, the material you decide for your slipcover is dictated by the justification for purchasing the sofa cover.

A meager material cover would not be significant for a house with children and pets. But, maybe, a substantial texture that is water-safe will serve you impeccably and last more.

3. Plan of the Seat

The plan of your seat likewise decides the sort of slipcover you should purchase.

Sectional sofas, for example, won’t fit a slipcover intended for a lounge chair with rectangular pads and round arms. Premade slipcovers don’t generally fit sectional sofas, so you must search for an exceptionally planned cover.

Also, instant slipcovers intended for a typical love seat or couch may not fit a chair. Thus, you must consider your lounge chair, sofa, chair, or sectional love seat plan before submitting your slipcover request.

4. Hostile to Slip

Here is another significant element that you should consider. It would be best if the slipcover would remain set up without moving around or slipping once you put the cover on the leather couch.

Most slipcovers have an enemy of slip components, for example, inventive hold support and movable ties. Ensure the cover you buy has both components to safely setOpens in a new tab. up and secure your upholstery.

How to Wash Pottery Barn Couch Covers: A Step-by-Step Tutorial

‍The Pottery BarnOpens in a new tab. couch covers are quite lovely, but they’re also a bit delicate. So to ensure that your new accent piece lasts for years, you’ll want to take care in how you launder the cover. Fortunately, cleaning the Pottery BarnOpens in a new tab. couch covers is a fairly straightforward process that doesn’t require much special preparation. 

However, you need household object handling skills and delicate fabric handling skills. This article explains how to wash Pottery Barn couch coveringsOpens in a new tab., so they last. In addition, this guide explains how to care for Pottery Barn couch coverings so they last and look new.

 What You’ll Need

  1. A Cleaning Rag: You’ll need an old rag to lift the cover and clean it off. In addition, you should choose a soft fabric so as not to damage the couch or the cover itself. 
  2. A Cleaning Solution: You’ll need a cleaning solution (detergent). We recommend using mild soap, as it will be gentler on the fabrics on the couch. 
  3. A Cleaning Bucket: You’ll want to put the cleaning solution and water in a bucket. 
  4. A Cleaning Sponge: You’ll also want a sponge to get the cleaning solution into the creases of the couch. 
  5. A Zip-Up Bag – After you’ve cleaned the couch cover, you’ll want to seal it in a zip-up bag. This will keep it fresh and able to dry thoroughly.

Step 1: Mix the Detergent

The first thing you’ll need to do is mix the detergent with the water. Make sure to mix well so that no suds are left in the water. The soap will help lift the dirt and oils from the cover so that you can remove them more easily.

Step 2: Turn Your Dryer to High Heat

It is recommended that you preheat the dryer to its highest setting before washing the cover. Because of this, the cover will dry out more rapidly, lowering the likelihood of mold or mildew growth.

Step 3: Wring out the soap and shake it out.

After placing the cover inside the washing machine:

  1. Turn the machine on.
  2. After the cycle ends, remove the wash machine’s cover, and squeeze out as much soap as possible.
  3. Shake the cover to remove excess water, then put it into the dryer. This will help dry the cover and reduce the risk of mildew or mold growth.

Step 4: Dump the Soap and Dry Again

After you’ve put the cover through the first wash, dump the soap and rerun the washer. Repeat to ensure a clean cover.

FAQ: About Best Non-Slip Leather Couch Slipcovers

Can I Put A Slipcover On The Leather Sofa?

Yes, you can put a slipcover on a leather couch or sofa. Nonetheless, you need to pick slipcovers with a non-slip at the base to guarantee they stay together.

A few covers have a silicon elastic spot design on the back, while others have hostile to slip clasps at the cover’s crease. The Slipcovers we have inspected above are intended to remain set up on cowhide seats, so pick the one that accommodates your longing and style.

How Would You Keep A Couch Cover On Leather Couches?

As previously expressed, cowhide is very smooth, so covers barely stay put. Materials like velvet, linen, and suede are more suited for leather because they are textured; hence, they are less likely to slide. Use these materials to throw pillows and couch cushions.

Can You Cover A Leather Recliner?

Yes, leather recliners can be covered. However, the slipcovers we evaluated come in many extents and patterns. If you need to enclose a recliner seat, ensure you designate the proper design.


You can protect your seat from kids’ jumble and pet strands with the best slipcovers for leather couches. Furthermore, you can prevent your seats from being destroyed by the paws and claws of your dogs and cats. Also, the sofa covers are a fast and cost-effective means to renew old and deformed furniture, so you don’t have to acquire a new one.

Select the best one that suits your curiosity, particularly your home décor and sofa stuff. Recall that leather tends to be very soft; hence, you must confirm that the slipcover you choose is designed to stay in place.

Your Pottery Barn couch covers are a great addition to any living space, but they can be tricky to clean. To prolong their life, wash them carefully. This guide will help you keep couch covers looking like new.


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