Can You Use Candle Jars for Food? A Complete Guide

In the pursuit of sustainability and resourcefulness, reusing and repurposing items around the house has become more popular than ever. Candle jars, with their sturdy construction and aesthetic appeal, often prompt the question, “Can you use candle jars for food storage?” This in-depth guide aims to answer that question thoroughly, exploring the feasibility, safety, and creative ways to repurpose candle jars for food use.

Can you use candle jars for food? Yes, you can use candle jars for food, provided they are thoroughly cleaned to remove all wax and residue, and the material of the jar is safe for food storage. Ensure the jars are made of non-toxic materials and are not previously used with candles containing harmful chemicals. It’s a practical way to repurpose and recycle, adding a touch of creativity to your kitchen storage solutions.

The Safety of Reusing Candle Jars for Food

Understanding Material Safety

The primary concern when considering whether you can use candle jars for food is the material of the jar. Most candle jars are made from glass, which is non-porous, does not leach chemicals, and is generally safe for food storage once thoroughly cleaned. However, it’s essential to ensure that the glass is not treated with any chemicals that could be harmful if in contact with food.

Residual Wax and Scent Removal

A key step in repurposing candle jars for foodOpens in a new tab. use is the complete removal of any residual wax and scent, as these can be harmful if ingested and could alter the taste of food. This process involves a thorough cleaning, which we will detail in the following sections.

How to Prepare Candle Jars for Food Storage

  1. Wax Removal: Begin by removing as much wax as possible. Freezing the jar makes the wax contract and easier to chip away. Alternatively, boiling water can be poured into the jar to melt the wax, which then floats to the top and can be removed once solidified.
  2. Deep Cleaning: After removing the wax, wash the jar with hot, soapy water. For a deeper clean, vinegar or baking soda can be used to help remove any lingering scents.
  3. Sterilization: To ensure the jar is safe for food storageOpens in a new tab., it should be sterilized. This can be done by boiling it in water for around 10 minutes or by placing it in a preheated oven at 225°F for 20 minutes.

Creative Uses for Candle Jars in the Kitchen

Once you’ve confirmed that you can use candle jars for foodOpens in a new tab. and they have been appropriately cleaned and sterilized, the possibilities for their use in the kitchen are vast.

  • Spice Containers: Their airtight seals make them ideal for storing spices, keeping them fresh for longer.
  • Overnight Oats or Pudding Jars: Perfect for single servings and on-the-go breakfast options.
  • Serving Portions: Use them for individual servings of desserts, such as mousses or layered fruit salads.

I’ve personally found repurposing candle jars for food storageOpens in a new tab. not only practical but also a charming addition to my kitchen décor. There’s a certain satisfaction in giving these beautiful jars a second life, contributing to both waste reduction and creative kitchen organization.

Can You Use Candle Jars for Food

FAQ: Using Candle Jars for Food

Can any candle jar be reused for food?

While most glass jars can be reused, it’s essential to consider the original use and any potential chemical treatments on the glass.

How can I ensure the jar is completely free of scents?

Besides thorough cleaning, letting the jar sit filled with baking soda or activated charcoal can help absorb stubborn scents.

Is it safe to store liquids in repurposed candle jars?

Yes, as long as the jar is thoroughly cleaned and sterilized. However, it’s best to avoid using them for highly acidic liquids over long periods, as this could potentially degrade any remaining wax residue not completely removed.


So, can you use candle jars for food? Absolutely, with the right preparation and safety precautions. Reusing candle jars as foodOpens in a new tab. containers is not only an eco-friendly practice but also adds a touch of personal style to your kitchen storage solutions. By following the guidelines outlined in this article, you can confidently repurpose your candle jarsOpens in a new tab., ensuring they’re safe and ready for their new role in your culinary space.


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