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It’s finally time! Google has released its newest smartphone, and it’s called the Pixel 5a. The price of a Pixel 5a is $449. However, for that price, you get the biggest battery we’ve seen in a Pixel and a 5G connection (just sub-6Ghz). Those advantages carry over into practical use, as the Pixel 5a lasts longer than nearly every other GoogleOpens in a new tab. phone we’ve tested. It’s also the first A-series Pixel to include water resistance, a trait formerly reserved by Google for its most premium smartphones.

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The Pixel 5a looks a lot different than any previous Pixel, which makes sense since it’s supposed to be an affordable option. It comes in both a 32-GB and a 64-GB option. The phone is lightweight and thin, with rounded corners that make it feel really good in your hands.


It comes in many colors, including “mint,” “walnut,” and dark pink. Unfortunately, it looks straight white and sounds like you’re talking to someone with a white toothbrush. 

I got to try out the phone for myself, and it seriously feels like no other smartphone has ever felt before. In addition, it is incredibly lightweight, which is great because sometimes I want to feel a phone’s weight on my leg while watching Netflix.


The camera is the same as on the previous Pixel phones, which means it’s one of the best in its class. It has a photo capture speed of 0.3 seconds and does a fantastic job in low-light lighting. In addition to that, it has outstanding video quality too. It’s 4K, which is great for those who are into many videos.

Earlier in the year, Google announced that the camera would come with a night mode. This night mode works great and does a fantastic job of taking pictures in low-light situations without worrying about your picture quality being terrible or grainy.


While the Pixel 5a lacks wireless charging, it does have a rapid charging option. This means that your phone will be able to charge quickly, especially compared to other brands. In addition, Google claims that while the PixelOpens in a new tab. 5a is charging, it’s quick to get a full charge.

The Pixel 5a has a headphone jack! I know this might seem strange to be excited about, but as someone who has always used wireless headphones, it does make a difference when using wired headphones. My Apple earphones can now fit into the phone without problems, and the sound quality is great.


One of my favorite things about this phone is its Active Edge technology. This means you can adjust your phone’s settings with just the touch of a finger. This is very nice because I don’t have to keep swiping through the settings menu to find what I want. Instead, all I have to do is click on my phone, which brings me to an edge menu with all my options.

This phone also comes with an NFC chip, which means you can use Google Pay if you are in stores that accept it. If you’re someone who pre-orders this specific Pixel model, it will come with a free accessory kit, a case power adapterOpens in a new tab., and a screen protector. The power adapterOpens in a new tab. is great because it will charge two devices at once, so you can charge your phone, and the case is nice because it has a lot of color choices!

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Overall, I am extremely impressed with the Pixel 5a. It’s great for anyone who doesn’t want to pay much money for a phone but still wants something reliable.

It’s a phone that can be used by teenagers and adults alike. It might not have all the bells and whistles that other phones do, but it’s adaptable to what you want. It’s incredibly easy to use and has a great design. The camera quality is great, and the sound quality is amazing. The Pixel 5a will be available through Amazon; check it out! 


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