Hunter Douglas Shutters Review

Pearl River, New York-based Hunter Douglas makes window blinds and coverings. In addition, it sells sheers, shutters, and vertical and horizontal blinds. Hunter Douglas N.V., a global leader in window treatments, owns the company.

Given its technologically innovative and highly configurable goods, Hunter Douglas is one of the most formidable rivals in the blinds industry on a global scale. Moreover, its status among us is boosted by the reliability of its previous customers and the breadth of its service offerings.

The lack of a web store is the company’s biggest flaw. While the company’s website describes and showcases its products, customers who purchase blinds from the company need to do it in person with a certified window treatment specialist. On the other hand, this method guarantees that you will meet every customer’s preferences. Therefore, we advise Hunter Douglas to provide customers with easy access to a local specialist who can offer product sales and installation services.

The Products and Services of Hunter Douglas

When it comes to window coverings, Hunter Douglas has you covered with advanced options. The company’s unique technologies are used in its modern blinds, shades, and other products, resulting in enhanced thermal efficiency, softer lighting, and less noise. In addition, Hunter Douglas offers state-of-the-art technologies like voice control, automation, and dual-fabric construction on top of every type of blind and shade on the market. 

Trained specialists can visit a customer’s homeOpens in a new tab., take measurements, and install the customer’s chosen window coverings, ensuring a perfect fit. Hunter Douglas develops many of its items with safety in mind and guides those that could be hazardous.

Pricing for Hunter Douglas Products

Unfortunately, you won’t be able to purchase Hunter Douglas merchandise through the website. Also, it doesn’t provide any price range estimations, so it’s hard to know what to expect to pay, but you can try out some of their products for free, and they promise your complete happiness forever. Finally, it hasn’t been clarified if Hunter Douglas provides customer financing for its wares.


All internal mechanisms, brackets, and bracket components are covered for five years from the date of purchase by the original retail purchaser. When possible, identical or nearly identical parts are used for repairs and replacements.

The Official help center for Hunter Douglas products.

The experience of working with Hunter Douglas’s customer support team is excellent mainly. The organization has an excellent reputation with the BBB, earning accreditation and an A+ rating. Unfortunately, there is no Trustpilot page for this organization. However, if there is a problem, you may contact them via phone or through a chat feature available in real-time. Instructional films and written tutorials are also available on the firm’s website.

Hunter Douglas Shutters vs. Norman Shutters

Both Hunter Douglas and Norman are fantastic manufacturers that produce high-quality goods. Though Norman shutters are less expensive, Hunter Douglas shutters are more dependable, long-lasting, and straightforward. When comparing Hunter Douglas vs. Norman shutters, which brand is superior and why?

There is no noticeable quality gap between the two brands in the eyes of the consumer. It is prudent, though, to be aware of just what it is that your money will buy. An adequately maintained shutter on a window can survive for many years.

Both of these brands provide high-quality shutters with only minor variances. 

Examining varying products

The Chinese firm Norman values innovation and manufactures most of its wares in-house. It’s been said that they’ve been doing it for the past 40 years. Because each component of a Norman Shutter is designed and produced separately, they are unparalleled. They are in charge of production because of their creativity. It’s also due in part to the meticulous engineering standards followed at Norman.

In contrast, Hunter Douglas is an American global firm that has been around for quite some time. Regarding business, Hunter Douglas prioritizes perfecting the shutters’ designs. Because of this, they have stood the test of time in a business environment that is so ruthless.


Hunter Douglas wins out in terms of longevity. The parts and products involved are of the highest quality, and many versions even come with a lifetime guarantee.

  • These shutters are impervious to the weather and any force. As a result, Hunter Douglas may be more prevalent among those constantly challenged by their surroundings.
  • On the other hand, Norman guarantees the shutter’s finish paint for three years. The shutter’s longevity is improved with this paint. So, you might find that Norman is not as sturdy as Hunter Douglas. It’s been said that problems are more familiar with Norman shutters, without any actual proof either way.


In terms of security, window shutters are not a huge problem. That said, it’s a nice bonus that makes the shutter a better buy overall. With customers’ safety in mind, Norman offers shutters built from fireproof materials. So in heated settings, they won’t melt.

Versatility and adaptability

Hunter Douglas is a famous shutter manufacturer because of the variety of its available models. They have a wide variety of models to accommodate any possible configuration.

Both services and bespoke paints are on offer. Therefore, consumers have the luxury of time to carefully consider their shutter needs and get a product that meets all of their expectations.

Unlike Norman, which offers a limited selection of shutter styles, these options are abundant with Norman. In addition, Hunter Douglas has fewer episodes than Norman, although Norman has more series. So it’s more likely that you’ll find a shutter from Norman that suits your tastes.

Also, they come in various designs, with user-centric features like PerfectFit, SmartPrivacy, and more.


Compared to Hunter Douglas, the pricing of Norman items is more reasonable. This is because Norman recognizes the substantial outlays made by homeowners and offers their wares at affordable prices.

However, anything Hunter Douglas makes will set you back a pretty penny. Most online calculators put the price tag at around 20% higher than a standard Norman shutter.


Hunter Douglas is better if you dislike cleaning or cannot afford to clean frequently. The reason is that Hunter Douglas shutters don’t need much in the way of upkeep on the homeowner’s part.

Therefore, a Hunter Douglas shutter is preferable to a Norman shutter when considering upkeep.

Support following a purchase

Even though Norman only offers limited warranties, they have a no-questions-asked facility for any of their products if something goes wrong. So as long as the Norman product is still under contract, you can quickly get a new one if it breaks.

A guide to buying a new shutter.

Customers’ varied tastes mostly dictate the wide variety of shutters available. However, if you plan to invest, there are things to consider.

  • Location: The most crucial fact to remember is that you must purchase shutters from an establishment. Local home improvement stores should offer the shutters you need. Unless you’re willing to settle for Norman shutters, that is.
  • Maintenance: You’ll undoubtedly need to maintain your shutters. However, you can get the Norman shutters you want if you’re willing to put in the effort. A Hunter Douglas shutter is a bit more expensive but worth it if you are pressed for time.
  • Price: Hunter Douglas shutters, as was previously said, are more expensive than comparable products. If money is scarce, Norman shutters are a simple, affordable option. This saves money without reducing shutter quality.

Are Hunter Douglas shutters worth the money?

Yes, it is worth the money, and here is why:

  • Great choice: Hunter Douglas is one of the largest blind companies and makes blinds, blackout shades, or both. They have several materials and hangers, superb craftsmanship, and good customer service and warranty programs.
  • Everything lasts longer: Their vendors ensure superior production, and every detail of their goods is considered with a lifetime warranty.
  • Good-looking: You don’t know their reputation if you haven’t tried Hunter Douglas. People compliment their attention to detail and work hard to make beautiful, inexpensive things.
  • Free shipping: For orders over $250, you get free shipping. Hunter Douglas will combine shipping if you order other goods.
  • Excellent service: If you phone customer support and explain the situation, they’ll solve it quickly. If they can’t address the problem, they’ll advise you. Hunter Douglas guarantees outstanding customer service with every purchase.
  • Free upgrades: You may need to update your blinds if you add an office to your home; you might request upgrades and new options, and they’ll give you a free upgrading kit.

Many manufacturers work with them: They collaborate with world-class blind makers giving them the always-best consumer options. For example, Hunter Douglas blinds are cordless, manual, motorized, pleated, and non-pleated. This means that they generally offer the best value for your money.

How often should I clean the shutters in my home?

It does not matter how quickly grime and other foreign materials develop on your window shutters; a good practice is to clean all of your shutters at a minimum once a week. You can clean the shutters using a vacuum cleaner, a shop vac, and a cloth to eliminate any foreign material that may be stuck on them.

Can I set up shutters on my own?

It is possible to install shutters on your own if you have the necessary knowledge, equipment, and experience. However, if this is not the case, you might consider hiring a specialist. This is because incorrect installation of shutters can result in various problems, such as an infestation of insects and leaks in the water supply.


The choice of which shutter to purchase is entirely up to you. Hunter Douglas and Norman are dependable brands that place a premium on providing excellent customer service. Ensure that the location, cost, and upkeep of the shutters you choose for your property are all consideredOpens in a new tab..


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