Best Way To Store Barware – 18 Barware Storage Ideas

While having your own barware makes a significant differenceOpens in a new tab., whether you’re skilled or simply like a good bottle of wine now and again. It’s lovely to have a beautiful pint glass for your craft beer or a sparkling champagne flute for your celebration. However, before you start packing your glasses, bar equipment, and other supplies, it’s necessary to know a few things. 

What is the usual height between shelves for a glassware storage system?

This varies depending on the storage system used and the specific furniture. Many options are available, including individual shelves and hanging racks that may be set at any height you need; many shelve and cabinet systems are customizable to meet your needs. You should anticipate at least 15 inches of space to keep your wine glasses, typically between six and ten inches.

Other than glasses, is it possible to store anything else in this sort of storage system?

Except for essential hanging racks, most glassware storageOpens in a new tab. systems offer enough space to accommodate a broad range of bar supplies, including wine and spirits bottles, bar equipment, decorative items, and any other goods you may want on your storage. 

Suppose you want a glassware storage system that contains compartments for other objects when selecting a glassware storage system. For example, a hanging rack may be sufficient if you already have storage for the rest of your bottles and barware. However, if you want more space for those goods, you should consider investing in a more extensive storage system to accommodate all of your bottles and supplies.

What is the correct way to clean and care for a glassware system?

The majority of glassware storage systems may be cared for in the same way other furniture in your house. However, routine dusting with a soft, dry cloth is recommended for regular maintenance. Any spills should be cleaned up quickly using a cleaning agent designed specifically for the material. Always double-check your glassware storage system’s care and cleaning instructions to see if there are any special requirements.

Here are five storage ideas.

Better handwashing: Wash your barware by hand before storing it and retrieving it from storageOpens in a new tab.. While you may place certain items in the dishwasher, it’s better to be safe and hand washes all barware, particularly decanters, champagne flutes, and wine glasses. If anything appears fragile, it probably is. Dishwasher-safe barware may not be destroyed, but it may chip, shatter, or scrape.

After cleaning wine and champagne glasses, fill a basin with boiling water, place them rim-down in a hot water dish to gather steam. Then polish with microfiber. While cleaning glass barware, keep the temperature constant.

Separate bar tools from kitchen utensils: You may also store culinary utensils if you store barware. Avoid storing muddlers, jiggers, and cocktail spoons alongside your forks and knives. They might be scraped or misplaced. A barware roll-up saves space.

Glass rim up: Do you keep your glasses rim up or down? People who store glass rim side up do so to avoid chipping or shattering the rim when it touches the surface. People keep rim side down to prevent dust and debris from getting into their drinks.

Cooled storage: Climate-controlled storage is a fantastic choice if you keep anything precious or long-term. When keeping barware, you want to retain moisture and excessive temperatures out of your storage box. Because glass is sensitive to extremes temperatures, climate control is a good idea if you live somewhere where temperature changes or humidity is an issue.

Up storage: When storing big or delicate items, go for drive-up storage. A drive-up storage facility might help you minimize damage during transport. For the same reason, avoid over-packing boxes. For example, it’s preferable to have five tiny boxes of wine glasses than one massive box of wine glasses that you could drop.

How to store glasses in the cabinet

It is amusing to peek into someone else’s cupboards and see that things are organized correctly. Of course, the best method to arrange your glassware isn’t a right or wrong manner, but there are a few options that may make sense for your cabinet layouts. You may use these techniques as well, whether you have a limited amount of storage space or even if your main aim is to make your cabinet appear nice.

If you’ve ever wondered why wine enthusiasts like to keep their glasses upside down, it’s the most effective way to preserve fragile glassware! However, it is advisable to put them on a hanging rack or right side up on a shelf if they are often handled since the rims are easily cracked or broken. 

Where to store glasses in the kitchen

The kitchen is the busiest area with more activities than other rooms in your homeOpens in a new tab.; keeping everything in order is essential. The right system will help you stay rational and eat your food on time. Glasses and cups are some of the most challenging things to store. Even if your kitchen has a lot of space, there are rules to follow.

There are two rules to keep in mind when you arrange your drinkware.

Keep it close to you, but not on the first shelf.

Keep it By how often each piece is used. However, there are many different glasses and cups, like juice cups, wine glasses, and coffee mugs, so there’s more to putting them away.

Plates are the thing you’re most likely to need when cooking; no matter what kind of food you’re making, it’s best to make them the most accessible items in your kitchen. Plates go on the first shelf if you want to keep things in order.

Because glasses and cups are likely to be used every day, they also need to be easy to find. This makes the second shelf the best place to store them. But if you have a lot of cabinet space, you could set aside a whole section of your cabinet for glasses. 

Putting things in order by how often they happen

Because there are so many glasses and cups, you might need more than one shelf for them all. It would be best to organize these things based on how often you use them, not how many there are. For example, you should put your favorite coffee mug in front of your other cups and glasses. From there, you should be able to figure out how to arrange your cups and glasses shelf best.

Trying to Sort It Out By Type

If you are still having difficulty with the best way to store barware, not to worry, I will go over a few bits to help sort that out. 

How Do You Keep Your Glasses?

Either a plastic cup or glass cup, you’re sure to find cups used every day. However, it’s also possible to have tumblers that can be used for many things. For example, it’s also good to have juice cups to drink orange juice right away.

These cups will be used most of the time, but some people also use them daily. Keep one or two of each in front of the other ones. A higher shelf is a good place to store extras that you can pull out when your guests come over.

Up or down?

If you are storing glasses up or down, it is essential to do so dust doesn’t get in. But on the other hand, putting cups face down could keep moisture inside and cause mold to grow. So, which is the cleanest? It’s more about how often you use your cups.

A lot of dust or mildew won’t build up if you use the same glasses every day. Because the cup’s rim is the most fragile part, you should store them side up. The other glasses don’t need cleaning often because they aren’t being used. This means they won’t be at risk for mold. However, dust can be dangerous. So, put the less-used cups on their sides. 

To store wine glasses, what is the best way?

It’s hard to store wine glasses correctly because they’re so unique. The type of glasses you have has a lot to do with how you store them.

Keep a few near you if you or your family members use them often. Otherwise, it’s good to put wine glasses on a higher shelf to be reached when guests come over. If you don’t like how they look, you have two options. 

  • The first thing to do is get a special rack to hang the glasses. 
  • The second option is to store them both upside down and right-side up. This means you can fit more glasses on one shelf.

Keep Wine Glasses from getting dirty

This is one of the ways you can store your wine glasses. However, one of them is more likely to build up dust. Wine glasses that aren’t in the cabinet get more dust. Therefore, they should be rinsed and cleaned before they are used.

Coffee mugs can be very different in size and shape, making it even more challenging to store them. However, most glasses and cups can be put together by which mugs you like the best. Most used items should be in front of the cups used, and the cups not used should be in the back or on a high shelf.

If you want to make your life easier, you could buy a uniform coffee mug. They are thicker than other cups to put them upside down, and they won’t fall over. There are, of course, both good and bad things. For example, they get more dust if stored side up, and if stored upside down, they can get wet.

Keep your mugs clean if you haven’t used them for a while.

There is a lot more to the organization than just cups and glasses. For example, many white cups and champagne glasses are stored on a shelf. Now that you know how to keep your glassware, you’ll need to figure out how to organize the rest of your kitchen. Also, check out Barware Buying Guide.Opens in a new tab.

Barware storage ideas

1. Kekeyang wine rack countertop

Kekeyang wine rack countertop

You easily install it in your kitchen, bar, restaurant or offer it as a gift to your friends. It will help make things look tidy. You can also use them as home decor either in the living room, bedroom or kitchen.

2. Hanging wine glass holder

Hanging wine glass holder

This can hold wine or other liquor bottles. You easily install it in your kitchen, bar, restaurant or offer it as a gift to your friends. It will help make things look tidy. You can also use them as home decor either in the living room, bedroom or kitchen.

3. YMLSD wine racks

YMLSD Wine Racks

Use this rack to create more space. With this rack, you can ease up some space in your cabinet, ideally one of the best ways to store barware. 

4. Caimei wineware wine shelf

Caimei wineware wine shelf

In addition to wine holders, the wine holders may be used as home decor. Use them as decorative centerpieces in your living room, bedroom, or kitchen.

5. Hombazaar industrial wine rack

Hombazaar industrial wine rack

You can either set it in a corner or against a wall in your kitchenOpens in a new tab., dining room, or near a bar for easy access. Perfect for serving beverages, opening bottles and wine buckets, and storing stemware.

6. Furvokia industrial vintage bar floating shelf

Furvokia industrial vintage bar floating shelf

You can store a variety of wine glasses that may be kept in this space-saving, large-capacity double storage. This product is high quality and has a cost-effective hanging shelf.

7. WGX wine bar wall rack

WGX wine bar wall rack

Applicable to multi-style glass, personalize space, refresh vision! Easy to assemble multi-purpose wine bottle and glass holder shelves.

8. Multi-function display rack

Multi-function display rack

From design to assembly, this is the perfect barware storage. It has a minimal frictional resistance, reducing friction on walls and other furniture. You can also use it to store everyday essentials in the bedroom or bar. 

9. Whiskey decanter sets globe

Whiskey decanter sets globe

It can be used for any alcoholic beverage in your bar. 

10. Womio wall mounted stemware glass rack

Womio wall mounted stemware glass rack

The wine racks are ideal for housewarming, with five stem glass holders, each can hold two glasses, and you can also use it to hang a coffee cup. This is a wall-mounted wine rack with spaces for corks and glasses. You can easily display your collection with this wine rack to show off or save space. You can place it in the kitchen, dining area, or anywhere.

11. Elegant desktop cystal glass rack

Elegant desktop cystal glass rack

This is a piece of art and not just a wine glass rack. It is easy to set up and has a modern design for your wine glass rack—the perfect home décor concept for a beautiful living room or kitchen.

12. Okokmall new wine glass rack

Okokmall new wine glass rack

Any kitchen décor will benefit from a Baroque design. It is made with solid iron wire to sustain your glassware for a long time.

13. Shikha LED wooden wall mounted wine rack

Shikha LED wooden wall mounted wine rack

The light is a warm tint that gives off a cozy atmosphere. The wooden wine shelf with LED has a premium hardwood finish that is durable and attractive. The 3-in-1 wine bottle holder and stemware wine glass rack are ideal for saving spaceOpens in a new tab. in cupboards, counters, and pantry closets.

14. Eiffel tower design stemware rack

Eiffel tower design stemware rack

This wine glass rack and an art piece are effortless to set up with just a few pieces.

15. Sorbus wine bottle rack

Sorbus wine bottle rack

This can store up to seven bottles of wine and five wine glasses — It’s the perfect place to store barware. The glasses hang upside down beneath the wine glass shelf to keep dust cleanOpens in a new tab. and accessible. 

16. LZQBD wine glass holder

LZQBD wine glass holder

This wine storage rack can hold up to six glasses and one red wine bottle. It has a solid base and vital capacity, easily fitting any space. 

17. Solid wood wine glass rack

Solid wood wine glass rack

It is a lightweight but sturdy, multi-functional natural wood that is used to create this unique wine rack design. This tabletop bottle holder decor is the best storage solution for hanging glasses and holding liquor bottles. In addition, you can quickly build it up and store barware on it.

18. TOOLF freestanding bottle wine rack

TOOLF freestanding bottle wine rack

This wine rack has a creative snap-on design that eradicates the need for bolts or brads. In addition, this wine holder is easy to install. This is a wine holder, tabletop, and wine glass holder, and it can take up to eight wine bottles and glasses. The anti-slip feature prevents noise and also protects the surface from scratches. 


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