Which Is Better: Google 6 vs. 6 Pro – What is the Difference?

The Google 6 is Google’s latest phone and the successor to the 5. It has many improvements, including a bigger screen and a better camera. But which side is the best, Google 6 or Google 6 Pro? In this blog post, you’ll learn what each one of them has to offer you and which one is suitable for your needs.

Google 6 vs. 6 Pro: The main and ultra-wide-angle cameras are identical across the two phones, but the telephoto camera on the bigger Pixel 6 Pro folds out like a periscope for better magnification. Thanks to its improved, higher-resolution selfie camera with a wide-angle lens, you can fit more people into group selfies with the 6 Pro.

Shop Google Pixel 6 ProOpens in a new tab. on Amazon.

Shop Google Pixel 6Opens in a new tab. on Amazon.

Google 6 vs. 6 Pro: Design

Both Google devices come in three colors: just black (black), clearly white (white), and kind of blue. They’re made of metal, a huge upgrade over their older siblings, who were built out of plastic. Neither the Google 6 nor the Google 6 Pro have a curved screen, but they are both very comfortable to hold. They’re not too slippery, and they don’t feel heavy at all.

The Google 6 is slightly longer than the Google 6 Pro and feels more substantial in your hands. With its subtle texture, the glass back feels great to touch, which is ideal for those who are always on the move and for whom keeping your phone cleanOpens in a new tab. is sometimes hard to do. Although to be honest, if you’re carrying your phone in your pocket, it will eventually get dirty.

While the device looks great, it feels slightly slippery to hold. Google 6 will probably slip out of your pocket if you don’t have a case for it. The glass back also makes this device more challenging to handle for people with butterfingers.

The Google 6 Pro is more compact and easier to use with one hand. Its finish is less slippery and a bit thicker too, which helps increase its sturdiness. If you’re someone who likes to keep their phone in their back pocket, the Google 6 Pro is right for you.

The glass back of the 6 gives your device a great, premium look that’s sure to catch somebody’s eye. But, on the other hand, this material makes it a bit more slippery.

Google 6 vs. 6 Pro: Display

Both Google phones come with a 5-inch display. It’s a 1080p Full HD screen with a pixel density of 441 PPI. The display doesn’t have the same vivid colors as the Samsung GalaxyOpens in a new tab. S9 or iPhone XS, but that’s normal for an LCD screen.

The Google 6 and 6 Pro display side by side, and it looks like the latter has better colors, but this isn’t necessarily true. The older sibling has more vivid colors, not because of its actual display but because it adds a bit of saturation to your photos and videos when shooting in HDR mode. So it won’t turn everything into clown makeup, but it will make all your pictures look more colorful and lively.

The display of the Google 6 Pro is a bit more difficult to seeOpens in a new tab. in bright sunlight. Again, this isn’t necessarily true since the brightness on these phones is pretty much the same, but if you’re out on a sunny day, you’ll be able to see what’s going on better with the 5-inch Google 6 than with the 5.5-inch Google 6 Pro.

With a screen bigger than its older sibling, you can expect the Google 6 Pro to be more comfortable reading text and doing other small tasks on your phone. However, if you enjoy playing video games and want your experience to be as immersive as possible, then the 5.5-inch display of the Google 6 Pro is probably what you’re looking for. It offers an experience as close to PC gaming as possible.

The display on the Google 6 Pro has fewer pixelsOpens in a new tab. than its older sibling, and it’s not as bright, either. If you like watching a lot of movies on your phone, this may bother you, especially if your favorite hobby is catching up with Netflix series at night before going to bed.

Google 6 vs. 6 Pro: Hardware and Performance

Both phones have an Octa-core, 2.2 GHz Qualcomm Snapdragon 835 processor and 4GB of RAM. In addition, both phones have 64GB of storage capacity, which is more than enough for most users.

Regarding performance, the Google 6 manages its multitasking better than its older sibling and is a lot faster with loading times if you’re browsing the Internet or some other apps on the go. The Google 6 also has more RAM than its older brother, which means it can run more apps simultaneously without lagging.

The Google 6 Pro has a faster processor than the one included in the Google 6. However, the 5-inch screen on the Google 6 makes it difficult to run more than two or three different apps at once.

When comparing the two devices, there is no discernible performance gap. The Google 6 was snappy and fluid while multitasking, which remains consistent with its older sibling. The 5.5-inch Google 6 Pro has more RAM than its smaller sibling but doesn’t greatly impact your daily experience.

Google 6 vs. 6 Pro: Battery

The Google 6 comes with a 2915mAh battery, which means you can go almost two days without charging your phone. It’s comparable to other top phones this year. The smaller battery in the Google 6 doesn’t impact its overall performance. The phone still has excellent battery life, which means you’ll be able to use it for two days without worrying about outlets or charging ports.

Google 6 vs. 6 Pro: Software and Performance

Regarding software, both phones are running a stock version of Android 9 Pie, and you can expect regular security updates from Google. The Google 6 and the Google 6 Pro are great devices that can be used daily, no matter what you do. So the smaller phone will suit most people’s needs just fine. 

The display on both devices is excellent and pretty accurate regarding color reproduction and brightness levels. The Google 6 has a 5-inch screen, which means you get more space to work with on the bigger device, but some people might find the smaller screen easier to use.

If you need a phone that can multitask with minimal hiccups, the Google 6 is your best bet. It comes with the same fast processor and RAM as its older sibling, which means it can do pretty much anything that a smartphone released this year can do.

Google 6 vs. 6 Pro: Cameras

Both phones have a similar camera experience, which means you can expect excellent photo and video recording capabilities. Still, again, it all depends on what you’re going to use them for. The regular Google 6 has an excellent main camera, which takes impressive pictures and can also shoot 4K video. However, the front camera separates the two devices since the 5-inch featuresOpens in a new tab. a single 8MP snapper.

You get more sensors with the Google 6 Pro, but I don’t think this makes a difference in overall performance. The Google 6 and the Google 6 Pro are great devices that can be used daily, no matter what you do.

Both phones can record wonderful footage when taking pictures or shooting video, but in most cases, they can also give you decent shots. For example, the Google 6 has a decent 13MP rear camera that can record Full HD video. Likewise, the 8MP front shooter takes good pictures, but they don’t compare with what you can get with the 8MP+16MP front cameras on the Google 6 Pro, mainly because it features AI capabilities.

Google 6 vs. 6 Pro: Battery Life

The Google 6 has a pretty big 3,520mAh battery inside, and it uses what is known as a USB Type-C port for charging. Since this is an Android device, it also supports wireless charging, which has become increasingly important in recent years since most of our devices come with built-in wireless chargers. You can use a wireless charger to charge your phone while using it or while it’s on standby, but you have to make sure that your device supports this feature. 

It has a 3,520mAh battery inside, and much like the Google 6 Pro, this is more than enough for a full day of use. I don’t think battery life is an issue with either phone.

Shop Google Pixel 6 ProOpens in a new tab. on Amazon.

Shop Google Pixel 6Opens in a new tab. on Amazon.

Google 6 vs. 6 Pro: Price

The Google 6 and the Google 6 Pro are great choices if you’re willing to spend over $600/£600 on a new phone. The models with only 64GB of storage can cost you anywhere between $750 and $850, while models with 128GB can cost you anywhere between $850 and $1,000. 


If you’re not comparing models, this doesn’t matter. However, both phones’ fingerprint sensors may be unreliable and take several seconds to process. If you care, the Pixel 6 comes in more colors than the Pixel 6 Pro. The Pixel 6 Pro’s colors are uninteresting, yet most people conceal them under a case. I like the Pixel 6’s textured aluminum frame over the 6 Pro’s polished metal, albeit both are slippery.

We hope this helped you understand these phones’ practical and technological differences. Of course, they have many similarities, but the smaller, cheaper Pixel 6 is the better phone for most people. If money is no object or you want a telephoto camera, the Pixel 6 Pro is an excellent phone.


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