Here's The Truth: Make Money Online is Simple.......
- But NOT Easy !

Look, I Have Been Where You Are. You purchased some big name guru's system and believed his claims to get rich by next week, pushing only a few buttons. This is plain and simple a lie and won't gone happen.

I got scammed myself trusting a shady headline:
" Make $3'500.- a Week - Just Copy My System".

I throw a few hundred bucks at such "too good to be the truth" books, without making a single dime! Worse, like recommended I spend money with Pay per Click (AdWords), losing another $320.-. Google was happy, I wasn't.

After been scammed I found the Wealthy Affiliates in late 07. I was very skeptical to join - is this another Scam? But immediately after my first login I noticed the difference and was convinced that "Finally - This Is It !".

For the first time I got great Support and Help for the problems I had back then. Today, I'm able coach my Wealthy Affiliate referrals - that's my
special Bonus for who joins here!

My Review focus on fact's. I'm not gone waste your time with guru Bulls..t, OK.
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OPTION #1 You continue to spend money for worthless "guru" books, losing more money. Bookmark my page, you will find me easier :-).

OPTION #2  Give Wealthy Affiliate a try and Get Everything You Need To Succeed, specially if you are a total Newbie you will not need to buy other book's or software's (even not hosting).
But is Wealthy Affiliate  really that good ? Can they really HELP YOU make money online ?

In short YES - Let me show you the main parts of the Wealthy Affiliates with a video. If you prefere to read what's inside Wealthy Affiliate, no problem, check out my review below with some pictures.
Website Builder SiteRUBIX

This Website builder is a free tool for members but I don't use it. For me as intermediate marketer it has too much limitations to build a site. Yes, Site Rubix is easy to use and designed for newbies to website building, but after you have some experience you will most probably purchase a advanced builder like XSite Pro.

My Quote: Good for Newbies, but not for more advanced marketers.

Free Website Hosting

Wealthy Affiliates Free Hosting is as well designed for newbies. You get limited space and bandwidth and can host only 3 sites at that moment. I have well over 30 domains and several Blogs online, so for me free hosting inside Weatlhy Affiliate is wasted. If you put your first site online it's a good hosting (and free) but if you already have a business running then this is most probably a feature you are not going to use.

My Quote: Good to make your first site (review style), but not for more advanced sites.

P.S. Important to know is that you are not locked into this hosting. You can transfer your sites to any other host at any time. You will not loose your sites hosted at the Wealthy Affiliate Host in case you would like to quit. You simply transfer your domains and take your sites with you and upload them to your new host.

The FORUM's Organization

I heard that they are working on that to improve this, so maybe when you read this and join this will be cold coffee. Let me explain this better as I told before that the forum's quality is triple A (it really is). I'm not talking about the content within the forum, that's awesome.

I talking about the way the forum is organized. The forum is missing a few specific sections like Article Marketing, Squidoo Marketing or sections issues like Wordpress or Traffic generation etc.s

All, or most is asked in the "General Marketing Discussion", the most visited forum section.

In my point of view, the forum need more specific sections for topics which are always asked for. Again, all the information is there, but it's not clearly separated so finding it takes time so people prefer to ask always the same. 

Of course you will find all using the "search" feature, but people are paying for this so they go the easy way. 

As mentioned, there will be a soon a forum overhauling so this information can be "old" when you join.


My favored. A great tool to find keywords fast.
But I don't use it only to find Keywords, you get as well the comercial viablity for a keyword and if you have a chance to be competitive with Article Marketing or with PPC Marketing.
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Honestly, I can't predict if Wealthy Affiliate will suit you to build your online business like it did for me as we all have different needs and ideas, but what I know for sure is that no other resource is that complete and offer access to all resources for no extra charge. Let's start with what I like and how Wealthy Affiliate has helped me.

Fact is, as newbie you are clueless where to start. I know I was. The first level any newbie has to achieve is getting a good basic knowledge about stuff like:
How to Market Online? How to Build a Website? How to Research a market? How to Research competition? How to Get Traffic? How to Convert traffic into clients? How to Find great products to sell? And so on.....

At Wealthy Affiliate this is triple A quality as all aspect's of Internet Marketing are covered. That's exactly where most single eBooks fail as they only cover a part of Internet Marketing, like a unfinished puzzle. But you need to get all pieces to be able to see the whole picture.

Fact is that some tasks are odd. Research is one of them, Article writing is another one. But both are a must have and can't be neglected. Doing all manually will take a lot of time, so you need tools to help you.

Wealthy Affiliate has great tools, some I like to mention here: the new Keyword Research tool, the Link Cloaker to track your clicks, the Article Spinner, the Niche Research reports and the Analytic Tool to Spy at your AdWords Competition. There are a few more like the Clickbank research tool, but the ones I mentioned are exceptionally good. Just to point out, all this is part of your membership-no extra charges.

Fact is that the best tools and training in the world won't make you any money if you are not able to use them correctly and take action to use them - you will have questions and need answers.

Support is CRUCIAL, principally for a newbie which need help with almost everything. In Wealthy Affiliates you have 1on1 support and get step by step instructions to every issues of Internet and Affiliate Marketing.

Wealthy Affiliate has the best Forum, period! At forums like Warrior Forum you have a hard time if you ask basic stuff. Wealthy Affiliate has 3 sources to cover you for support issues:

1°-Get Support from the owners Kyle&Carson, they are only a PM away if you have serious issues you can't ask over the member forums. 2°-Get Support from Marcus, the affiliate Manager which help you out with your WA promotions. 3°-Get Support from the members over the forums, regardless what the question is about.

Then there are hundreds of tutorials, "how to" guides and posts available to explain all you need to know. A lot of them are pure gold nuggets and worth a lot of money.

My Personal Support (Limited Bonus):
My referrals get my personal support. I have 20 years experience in Marketing and 3 years in Internet Marketing. I know a thing or two and can make you jumpstart your business faster. You need to be my referral to get this Bonus, make sure to clear cookies before you sign up. PM me after you signed up here.
Here Are My Ratings:

Site Useability:         Very Good           With the new Interface it's fast and easy to find what you wan't
Tools and Content: Excellent              I don't know any other place with that much resources
Support:                     Very Good          Support from K&C can take time, otherwise great support
Price:                           Excellent             $39.- a month for all this is a bargain, I joined $67.- a month
                                                                     Memberships which delivered far less.  

OVERALL:                                                8.9 out of 10, or 5*

There actually doesn't exist a comparable place in respect to the volume of tools and content, quality and price, even if some claim to be equal or better.
Some screenshots from inside Wealthy Affiliates.
Wealthy Affiliate became INTER-Active. Now you are part of the development of the site as you can provide tutorials to any topic you know well and can provide help fro others.

The NEW Interface is very simple to use and let you organize the site the way you want, bookmarking what interest you most.

A bit similar to Facebook or other social community sites.
The Forum, WA's Most Valuable Asset. 

Take a look at the forum statistics here - over 300'000 posts and over 36'000 Members in month september 2009 - RISING.

Guess it's self explaining that a scam site would not survive 5 years and acumulate that amount of paying members.

Off course there are people which are not satisfied and
quit after a month. That's life.

But they got their $77.- bonus eBook and could download a bunch of free stuff without to pay a dime extra for this. Fair deal.

Wealhty Affiliates has no Gold or Platinum levels with different prices, if you'r in you get it all.
Look, Your Chances Are Great To Make A Fortune Online!

The Internet doesn't care about age, it's EXPERIENCE that matters. The Internet doesn't ask for MBA's or MD degrees and offers the same chances to all.

Come and join us at WA today! It will be the best decision you ever made.

All I know about Internet Marketing I learned in the Wealthy Affiliate Unversity and I can honestly confirm that this resource is the reason why I'm able to make money online.

I'm very honest with you, I'm NOT rich and make only a few thousand bucks a month, but I started less then a year ago.

The MORE knowledge you have, the better are your chances to make money. This is very important to know for older, perhaps already retired professionals who got fired and struggle to get a new job.
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Thank you very much for visiting my Website.

Guido Mueller

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Hi and welcome to my Wealthy Affiliate Review.
That's me, Guido M. My nick inside the Wealthy Affiliates is "bwh1",  in some Forums I use "easycash".

Wealthy Affiliate Review

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What I Like at the Wealthy Affiliates!
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Nothing in life is perfect, as well not the Wealthy Affiliate University. I promised you that I talk about the point's I don't like. Note that this is MY OPINION, others may think different about those resources - including you.
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